Video Gaming All Day Long

June 4, 2015

Do you ever think back at the time where you were young and didn’t have any responsibilities except for doing your homework? Wasn’t it nice that you could fill your days with stuff you liked without being distracted by daily chores or deadlines? I do think back sometimes. I miss that time, to be honest.

When I was a teenager, I could be mesmerized by a good computer game for hours. I would not see a clock or worry about real life and by the time I would finally check the time, it would be several hours past my usual bedtime. I loved it. I loved escaping the real world, living in a fantasy one for just a few hours and not noticing anything happening around me. Level of de-stressing: Ultima.

Tanya's 101 ~ Video Gaming All Day Long | Final Fantasy X-2

When I grew older though, I lost that ability. I still love computer games and escaping to a fantasy world, but I seem to have forgotten how to reach that place. My mind is always full with things to do. Stupid but necessary house chores, paying bills, finishing our home and our garden, doing groceries, and lately also building my company. Computer games (or any form of relaxation for that matter) have dropped so far on my priority list, that I never get around to doing them anymore. And if I do them anyway, I tend to feel guilty because there’s so much I should do that is not getting done at the moment.

But relaxation should be a priority as well, right? Without enough relaxation, productivity drops like an anvil on Roadrunner. It’s a fact. Everybody needs a moment to unwind once in a while. Sometimes it’s even necessary to spend your whole day relaxing. It gives you so much energy for the days after. But because it apparently isn’t in my nature anymore to do this myself, I have created some relaxation goals on my list. And one of them brings me back to my young teenager self:

No. 71: Play video games a whole day long.

This actually means a whole day long, video games only. No paying bills, doing laundry or cleaning the kitchen in between. No stopping after a few hours to do something ‘useful’ again. None of that. Just gaming, enjoying myself and losing myself in a fantasy world.

You know what? This actually happened! Yes, yesterday I spend a whole day gaming! Because what could have been a better time to fulfill this goal, than a week after the performance of Bedtime Stories? I have been so freakishly busy for the past weeks producing the play. It was the coolest thing to do ever, but it also wore me out big time.

So yesterday it was time. It was just me, my PS3 controller and my TV screen. Okay, to be honest, I did go to the market first (just a hundred meters away, I promise), but only to buy some really nice cheese and fresh bread and fruits to be able to snack during the day. And okay, I did empty and fill the dishwasher once, but only because I needed a little break and wanted to do something physical in between. Not because I felt I had to. There’s a difference, see?

Tanya's 101 ~ Video Gaming All Day Long | Final Fantasy X-2

And for the rest of the day I played Final Fantasy X-2. I’ve owned this game for so many years now (although this remastered edition was a gift for my birthday half a year ago), and it was just laying around eating dust. Such a shame. I already started this game a few months ago and finished 15% of it so far. But yesterday, in that one day of being a nerdy hermit, I finished another 14% of the game! Which is nice, because as you may remember I’m also planning on finishing six computer games during my 1001 days.

I must say, I didn’t expect me to play just one game for the entire day. I thought I would have enough of it at some point and I’d want to play something completely different, like a Super Mario game or Guitar Hero. But I was hooked. It’s like reading a good book and not being able to put it down until it ends.

Tanya's 101 ~ Video Gaming All Day Long | Final Fantasy X-2

To be honest, playing the game for an entire day was a bit much. If my goal had been to relax for an entire day, I might just have chosen to do something creative in the evening, instead of going back to my screen. But still I enjoyed it to the fullest. I even didn’t realize that it was past my bedtime in the end! Just like old times. I hope I allow myself to be absorbed by a computer game more often from now on. Maybe not the entire day, but just a few hours without a time limit would be nice. Just playing as long as I feel like it, and not as long as I think is appropriate.

Sometimes a person just needs a day to unwind. Me included! I must not forget about that. I might just play some FFX-2 after I posted this blog…

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