Music Monday: My Very First Guitar Lesson

July 20, 2015

When I was about fifteen years old, my sister got me a guitar for my birthday. A guitar! I was amazed by this totally perfect gift. I had always had a passion for making music. I had been singing all my life and I already could play the piano. But how amazing would it be to be able to play multiple instruments? And a guitar is so cool and versatile. You can play beautiful classical songs with it, you can go songwriter style or go wild and start a rock band. And, contrary to a piano, you can take it with you everywhere! I loved my gift and I couldn’t wait to start playing it. Tanya's 101 ~ Music Monday - First Guitar Lesson But… That never happened. I tried teaching myself how to play by reading beginners lessons accompanied by lessons on tapes (yes, tapes, I’m that old). That worked for three days and then I got bored, or frustrated, I don’t know. Both, probably. I know learning a new skill will take you some time, yet I always expect myself to be able to do it in an instant. When I fail, I get demotivated. I tried learning to play the guitar like this two or three times over the past years, but I never managed to persevere, obviously. And at a certain point, I didn’t find the courage to start again. Fifteen years later, my poor guitar was standing in the attic, untouched, desperately waiting for someone to stroke its strings. Until last week. After all these years, I still really wanted to learn to play the guitar. But to actually succeed this time, I made it one of my 101 goals:

No. 16: Learn at least one song on the guitar and upload it on YouTube.

I had figured out by now that the autodidact thing wouldn’t work for me. I need someone to tell me what I’m doing right, what I’m doing wrong, but especially someone who will expect me to have practiced when I come to my lessons. And, to be honest, I need to be able to play a song. Why would I waist my time on boring finger exercises and stupid children’s songs, when the whole world of pop music is completely filled with easy three-chord-songs? So I found myself a teacher! I just asked a friend who plays the guitar if he would like to give me some lessons. As it appeared, he had actually given guitar lessons before and was planning on starting to do this again. How fortunate! He also completely understood my craving for real songs. I was so excited! I went to the shop and bought a guitar cover, which sadly, my guitar had never had before. Poor thing, he deserved it. And last week, on Monday 13th of July, I proudly walked through my neighborhood with my guitar on my back, to have my very first guitar lesson. Tanya's 101 ~ Music Monday - First Guitar Lesson I got to learn the song Zombie by the Cranberries, a four-chord-song. I was a good girl and practiced every day. I amazed myself how fast I learned this song! It’s not perfect yet, but I’m really getting somewhere. I can’t wait until my next lesson, which is on Wednesday. Fifteen years I was too afraid to touch my guitar. For fifteen years it was covered in dust and ungratefulness. And now, within one week, I have realized how easy it is to start, if you just find the right path. But the most important thing of all: it’s so much fun! Following your dreams can be so easy sometimes, you just have to find the courage to do it. So I have completed one part of my goal. I’ve learned my first song. Now I have to find the courage to show you proof and upload it on YouTube. I might want to practice a little bit more though, to make sure it’s really worth sharing with the world. I might even choose a different song altogether, it totally depends on what I’ll learn the next couple of weeks. But I am tackling this goal now, so soon I will be able to cross it off! Yay!

If you happen to know any good beginner songs, please let me know in the comments!

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    Cool! Congratulations! I look forward to seeing the video. 🙂

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