Cookbook No. 10 – The Ubiquitous Shrimp

April 22, 2015

Last month, I was a bit disappointed about the amount of accomplished goals in March (which was one, to be exact). I was determined to do a better job this month. One of the goals I decided to tackle was this one:

Goal no. 69 – try out 10 new recipes from 10 different cookbooks.

Tanya's 101 ~ Cookbook No. 10 - The Ubiquitous Shrimp

I still had four cookbooks to try out, which would roughly mean one cookbook per week. Not so hard, right? The first week of April I made Cheese Soup. In the second week I decided to try out Cinnamon Chicken with Couscous. On April 17 I would make my tenth recipe: Mango Shrimp Curry from the cookbo — wait, wut? Tenth? TENTH? This was supposed to be my ninth!

Seriously! I have the most amazing cookbook, filled with extraordinary recipes, which I was saving for last! But now I mistakenly cooked a dish from a random cookbook, because I was under the assumption it was my ninth… I can’t help but feeling a little bit disappointed about accomplishing my goal earlier than I was supposed to. Weird, right? Achieving goals should make you happy, not disappointed. Okay, you know what? I will still cook a dish from that amazing cookbook and I will blog about it anyway! Ha! There’s no rule that states I can’t blog about more than ten cookbooks, right? 🙂

Tanya's 101 ~ Cookbook No. 10 - The Ubiquitous Shrimp

Anyhow, back to cookbook no. 10. As I was saying, the dish I decided to make was Mango Shrimp Curry from the book ‘Garnalen Kookboek’ (original title: The Ubiquitous Shrimp, which by the way sounds way, way cooler. Believe me.). I love shrimps, so an entire cookbook filled with shrimp dishes is heaven for me. (That’s why it’s unbelievable that this was yet another unused cookbook in my Perfectly Untouched Cookbook Collection.) I have cooked all sorts of dishes in my life, but making curries was something I could not do yet. Not from scratch at least. The recipe stated this was an easy curry to make, so it seemed like the perfect one to begin with.

Tanya's 101 ~ Cookbook No. 10 - The Ubiquitous Shrimp

It was not hard indeed, it took quite some time to finish though. Well, I guess that will always be the case with curry. Or is it just the fact that I’m no curry pro yet? I don’t know, maybe I’m just spoiled with all these super fast cooking pastas and rice. The time it took me to make this dish was totally worth it though. It tasted awesome! The dish was so sweet because of the mango, and the cashew nuts gave it a very crispy touch. And it looks so pretty, don’t you think? I have never cooked a dish so brightly yellow! Not even my cheese soup. It will definitely not going to be the last time I cooked this recipe! Maybe next time when I have some guests for dinner…

Hey, and even though it was completely unintentionally, I have fully completed this goal now! I have tried out ten different cookbooks! This goal enriched the dinners I had the last couple of months and now it will let my cute pink piggy eat a five euro note. Yay!

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