Wreck this Journal ~ Napkins and Snowballs

June 23, 2015

One of my favorite goals of my list is this one:

No. 34: Own a ‘Wreck this Journal’ and complete all the tasks in the book.

In fact, I liked this goal so much, that I bought the journal even before I had finished my list. But the one and only update I posted about my progress in the book was more than half a year ago (which, if you don’t know what a Wreck this Journal is, is a good post to read first, by the way). I don’t know why, exactly. Other goals got in the way, I guess.

It doesn’t mean that I didn’t do anything in the book though. In fact, I have done quite a few pages in the first few months, I just never came around to writing a post about them. After that, I must admit that I didn’t do much with the book.

Until a few weeks ago. I don’t know what happened, but suddenly I felt the urge to wreck some more pages. I got torn a bit about the blogging part though. I mean, should I write about the old pages first, or start with the new ones? You know what? I’ll do a bit of both. After all, one of the rules of the book is: Order is not important. So let’s follow that rule!


Let’s start with my name. A name is always a good way to start, right? This page is actually a bit of old and new combined. Writing my name in various ways was the very first thing I did when I got the book. A couple of weeks later, I drew the graffiti letters on the left page. I also colored the right page, but it didn’t really fit the graffiti part. So a couple of days ago, I decided to go over the background on the right with some pastel crayons. Obviously it’s still not exactly the same color, but I’ll go with this. I would have loved to color the background with felt tip pens as well, but the pages bleed through a lot and I already put something on the other side. So pastel crayons it is!


Hey, this looks familiar, doesn’t it? You might recognize this circle page from my first Wreck this Journal post. Back then I thought it was already finished with the page. Later on I felt that it still missed something, though. I decided to fill all the circles with circle doodles or circle related quotes or words. The upper left quote cracks me up every time I see it. It’s a Peter Griffin quote. I really love this page now.


You’ll have to believe me on this one, I did crack the spine. It’s just not that interesting to photograph. It’s really convenient, actually. The cracked spine makes drawing and writing on the pages so much easier.

I didn’t really know how to decorate the page. I saw a lot of Wreck this Journal pages from other people. A lot of them drew an actual human spine here, which was cracked. Lovely idea, but I don’t want to do stuff everybody else has done before me. Besides, I don’t know if I would even be able to draw a spine. So I decided to draw a crack, which led to more cracks, which led to more cracks. And I thought it was hideous. I decided I could do three things:

1. Accept the fact that the page was ugly and move on.
2. Do another design on a piece of paper and glue it over this page.
3. Try to alter the design I had into something I would like.

I tried option three. I darkened the background with pastel crayons (Again! For real, these are my new best friends.) and I must say, I kinda like it now! It makes the cracks pop out and the page looks a bit bad-ass now as well, don’t you think?

As for the blank page, I played a bit with the language here. In Dutch, we also have the word blank. But it doesn’t only mean not to fill it in, but it also means white (as in skin color). So I decided to add a white page number (which I screwed up, but hey, I was meant to wreck the thing anyway, right?). I won’t add anything else on the page though, I’ll behave from now on.


Okay, this is my absolute favorite page. I spent days on this one and I think it really paid off! I knew that I wanted to tangle on this page when I first saw it, but I wanted to wait until I was actually good at it and until I had a set of good fine liners. So I practiced a lot in my sketchbook (which came in handy for another goal of mine), and started this page when I felt ready. I tangled for days and days. I loved doing it so much! And I’m really proud of the result. A year ago, I couldn’t even draw a stick to save my life.


Okay, call me crazy, but I’d rather not have mold in my book. Not even for wrecking purposes. So I didn’t feel like smearing my actual dinner on the page. I did use the page as a napkin though, just not in the way you might expect. Everything on the page is completely made out of napkins, which I applied to the page with mod podge. The text I wrote on the bottom layer of a napkin, which made it see-through. Even the food images are cut out from napkins, so I theory, I even smeared my food on the page. Wreck this journal is all about thinking outside of the box and finding creative solutions, guys!


I actually found this page very hard. ‘Glue random items here’. That’s basically saying: ‘Do something.’ Well, that’s clear. Honestly, I didn’t have a clue what to put here. Until last week. I had some items laying around that I really wanted to keep, but didn’t know how, without letting it clutter up a drawer and be forgotten about in the end. And then I thought of this page. The page on the other side (the Write Carelessly page I shared with you last time) bled through enormously, so first I wanted to cover that up with some scrapbook paper. Because the page is supposed to be created randomly, I choose to tear the paper instead of cutting it. And on top of that, I glued all kinds of keepsakes related to my two theater shows last May. And a cut up note Ruud put on the fridge for me a couple of weeks ago, you know, just to make it more random. These all are really nice memories, so I’m super happy with this page!


Even a page of grocery lists should be pretty, right? So I wrote my groceries on these beautiful to do notes (which I actually also do without journal purposes) and saved them in my journal. Since everything should come in three, I created this page after collecting three of them. I created yet another background with pastel crayons and made the page more fun by adding food-related stickers. It looks so cheerful, don’t you think?


This page I did yesterday. It’s the first one that actually involved tearing. Technically, I could also just have thrown the book somewhere and afterwards decorate the page nicely, but that didn’t seem fulfilling to me. I wanted the page to show the sudden movement. So I chose to tear it. I cringed while doing it. I mean, I tore a page in a book! But in the end, I think it looks quite awesome. The cringing even inspired me to write all the positive thoughts around the torn part.

By the way, the true observer might have noticed another unpredictable thing I did (apart from the paint going in all kinds of unpredictable directions). While coloring the letters, at one point I… changed the order of the colors. How bold of me, huh? Just kidding. I just like these small details in a page that show different ways of interpreting the assignment.


The final page I’m sharing with you in this post is a page I made today. I know, it supposed to be summer outside, but well, it isn’t. That combined with my runny nose makes it perfectly legit to have created a winter theme, I believe.

I actually planned on drawing flowers on this page at first. But right before my pen touched the paper, I got the feeling flowers weren’t quite right for this page after all. Funny how creativity finds it’s own path, huh?

This is the first time I have ever drawn cartoon people. I did owls, fish, birds and bees before, but never humans. I think they are a bit complicated, even the cartoon ones. But after rehearsing on some facial expressions in my weekly planner, I felt the courage to do it for the first time! And I actually like the outcome very much. Without using words, I managed to tell a story here. How awesome is that.

I did a lot of other pages as well, but they will just have to wait until next time. I promise I won’t wait that long again.

I’m really curious to hear what you think of these pages. So tell me, what’s your favorite? If you also have a Wreck this Journal blog (or video), please tell me in the comments. I would love to see your pages as well!

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