Losing weight ~ Water and walks

January 30, 2015

January has been the third month since I started my weight loss challenge. After a difficult December month full of temptations and delicious dinners, it was really hard to focus on healthy foods and weight loss again.

To help myself a bit, I decided to start two other goals on January 1:
Goal nr. 44: Don’t drink soda for two weeks in a row
Goal nr. 45: Drink a jug of water every day for a month.

Losing Weight ~ Water and Walks ~ Drinking lots of water and going for a walk every day helped me lose weight

That was one step in the right, healthy direction! I wanted to stop eating sweet and salty snacks this month as well. But I purposely didn’t do that on January 1, because I would think that failing would be inevitable then. First of all, there were so many delicious left-overs from Christmas and New Year’s Eve! I wanted this temptation to be conquered (eaten) first. Secondly, I wanted to focus on the drinking goals until they would be finished or would have become a habit. When starting too many goals at once, you have to get used to too many new habits at the same time. One lifestyle change at a time is difficult enough, right?

Losing Weight ~ Water and Walks ~ Drinking lots of water and going for a walk every day helped me lose weight

And it worked! I’m still not drinking any soda, I’m drinking a jug of water every day and I stopped eating unhealthy snacks from January 14. You know that feeling, when you’re not allowed to have something? Then you’re suddenly craving obsessively for it, right? I thought this would happen to me too when I would start this goal. It has always been this way in the past. But for some reason, this time was different. I managed to store some delicious Christmas cookies (German readers: they were lebkuchen, can you feel my pain?) and nougat my mother gave me, I said no too waffles and cream puffs that were offered to me, gave away my cookies that were served with my tea in cafés and brought hummus and raw vegetables as a gift to a friends visit.

Losing Weight ~ Water and Walks ~ Drinking lots of water and going for a walk every day helped me lose weight

Wait, did I just say I stored cookies? I was never able to store any sugar treats in another place than my stomach! But now, for some reason, the most delicious Christmas treats are patiently waiting in my pantry until I’m allowed to eat them again. I don’t know why I’m able to do this now. Maybe because I’m doing everything one step at a time now. Maybe because this time I planned to lose 30 kg (66 lbs) in 3 years instead of three months. Or maybe because I’m blogging about it and the whole world would know it if I failed. I honestly don’t know. But whatever it is, it’s working! So no complaints here!

I didn’t only change my drinking and eating habits, though. I also started to walk. This was actually something I had to do in my treatment program set up to tackle my chronic fatigue syndrome. I have to walk twice a day. Every day I’m supposed to walk one minute longer per walk than the day before. Today, I reached 26 minutes, which equals 2 km (1,4 miles) in my case. It may not seem much, but that’s 52 minutes a day, while still adding two minutes in total each day! Do you know anybody who walks that much each day (walking the dogs not included)? I don’t. (Why is that, by the way? Why do people only walk their dogs or their babies? What happened to just go outside because you want to enjoy the sun on your cheeks and hear the birds singing?)

Losing Weight ~ Water and Walks ~ Drinking lots of water and going for a walk every day helped me lose weight

Okay, back to my goal again. So I stopped drinking soda and eating sweet or salty snacks and started drinking water and walking everyday. But did it effect my weight? Do you remember my starting weight of 111,5 kg (245,3 lbs)? Last month, my weight had dropped to 108,2 kg (238 lbs). This morning, my scale told me that my weight is now… 105,7 kg (233 lbs)! Yes, I’ve lost 2,5 kg (5,5 lbs) this month and 5.8 kg (12,8 lbs) in total! And, even better than numbers: my belt fits one hole smaller! I am so proud! At the same time, I can barely believe it. Me getting a normal, healthy weight in the near future, could this really be happening?

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