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Walking the Dogs ~ Cuties on the Beach

October 7, 2015

I don’t know what has gotten over me, but last month I explored five new walking area for our dogs to run freely! I already blogged about the first three here and here, which leaves two places yet to review. As you may know by now, this is all because of this goal of mine:

No. 97: Take a trip in nature with the dogs, to ten places there never been before where it’s allowed for them to walk without a leash.

Nameless Walking Area
Jo Everstraat 2
The Netherlands

Being located next to a main road and just a few hundred meters long, I never expected this walking area to be any good. I mean, it doesn’t even have a name. It’s not described on any of the websites about walking areas. It’s that unimportant. The walking area is even separated by a road which leads to a football club. So at certain times it can be quite busy there. I never had any intentions of walking there, because I thought it was too unsafe and the dogs would only have fun for five minutes.

However, it’s very close to my home. It’s the only walking area close to my home. All the others are at least a 20-minute drive away. And because Ruud and I don’t always have the energy nor the time to drive 40 minutes in total to walk the dogs, we decided to check this place out anyway.

Lent 26-09-15 (9a)

And to be honest, we were pleasantly surprised. For one, there’s water separating the walking area from the main road. And we just happened to discover very recently that Rikku loves to splash in the water! Also, there was a meadow without a fence, where the dog could run through high grasses. And it wasn’t quite as small as I had expected. The path in this walking area was about the same length as the one in Stadspark Staddijk. Longer even if we’d have crossed the crossroad to continue walking. It’s not really big, but it certainly tops driving 20 minutes for a walking area that’s even smaller.

The view is not half bad either. There’s this water with some beautiful trees growing on the bank and across from the river you can see the village. I prefer having nature all around me, but I must admit this was also pretty charming.

And most importantly, the dogs loved it. Rikku splashed in the water, Milo had the greatest time drinking it and Joxer happily danced around on the path. At the end of the path our dogs even discovered something new. They met some ponies. Rikku had seen them once when she was a puppy, but this was a long time ago, so she might not have remembered it. Milo probably had never seen one this close-by.

Lent 26-09-15 (38a)

It was so cute to see how our dogs and the ponies got aquatinted to each other. One of the ponies actually walked up close to the fence to meet them. Our dogs were fiddling about a bit.
They must have thought these ponies were some weird creatures. But they were also very curious and it was clearly visible they enjoyed exploring these new animals.

This is definitely a place we will go back to, especially when we’d like to let our dogs run freely, but haven’t got a lot of time.

De Berendonck
Weg door de Berendonck
The Netherlands

De Berendonck 04-10-15 (55a)

De Berendonck is a beautiful area with a lake and a sandy beach. In summer, people come here to swim in the lake and bath in the sun. That’s why there’s only a restricted area for dogs to walk in. Until October 1st. Then the whole area opens for dogs! We had waited for this moment to arrive. There are so many places we are able to walk with them now it’s October! We decided De Berendonck should be the first place to explore.

It was awesome. Our dogs loved playing in the lake. Rikku even tried to go deeper than she ever did, after seeing another dog fetching a toy out of the water. I wonder how long it takes before she’ll really swim. Seeing other dogs do it certainly helps.

De Berendonck 04-10-15 (45a)


They also found lots of friend to play with. I was amazed by how many dogs were there! We probably haven’t seen so many in one place before, except perhaps for Rozendaalseveld. I don’t know if there are always so many dogs in this place. The fact that is was finally open again for dogs after so many months, and the fact that it was World Animal Day may also have contributed to this. It doesn’t really matter though. Our dogs loved to play with the other dogs, but I’m sure they would have also loved this place if they’d been the only ones there.

The only con is the price tag. It costs €4,- to park your car there, regardless of how long you’re planning to stay. My energy mostly allows me to walk for half an hour, an hour tops on a good day, so that is super expensive in my opinion.

De Berendonck 04-10-15 (50a)

However, Ruud found out that there’s a card we could buy that allows us to visit this place along with a lot of other recreational areas. It would cost us €32,50 from now until May. I think that’s still expensive, but it allows us to visit 18 different areas. Some of these were already on our list of walking areas to explore. So we might just buy this parking card. It would be our little push to keep taking our dogs places, even in winter.

Our dogs have discovered six new walking areas so far. Four more to go to accomplish this goal! Do you know a place we should check out? Please let me know in the comments!

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