Losing Weight – Ups and Downs

February 27, 2015

Wow, February is the shortest month of the year, but so much has happened this month! Diet-wise, I mean.

As you may recall from my last update, January was a very successful month in my weight loss challenge. I lost an astonishing amount of 2,5 kg (5,5 lbs) that month! Those were hard results to live up to. But I had high hopes, because on January 14 I had started my first month without sweets, chips and desserts (goal nr. 42 of my list). Besides that, I had built up my walking schedule up to thirty minutes twice a day at the beginning of February. Less sugar and more physical exercise, isn’t that THE recipe for weight loss?

Tanya's 101 ~ Losing Weight | How I got back on the right track after gaining some pounds

What I didn’t take in account however, is that in February, everyone gets sick. The first victim was Ruud. He stayed at home for more than a week. I didn’t mind at all taking care of him, but it left me without energy to go for my regular walks. I still tried to walk at least once a day though. But after Ruud got better, I ended up being sick. It was a heavy cold, with lots of sniffing and sneezing and way too less energy. Again, I tried to walk when I felt the tiniest amount of energy. But that wasn’t every day, and in addition I walked way slower than normal.

I noticed I gained weight in these two weeks, even though I didn’t touch any sweets. Even though this felt very disappointing, I tried to make the best out of it and learn from this experience; at least now I knew how important my daily walks really were! So when I got better, I quickly returned to my walking schedule. I was right, suddenly my weight dropped again!

However, a few days later, Ruud had a week off. And as fun as it was, having him around the house, I noticed it had a bad influence on my diet. We lunched and had dinner together every day. Normally we lunch apart because he eats at work and we often have separate dinners because of theater, dancing class or dog school in the evenings. Eating together resulted in me eating more and different, unhealtier things. In addition, we went to an all-you-can-eat sushi bar twice that week. Oh yes, and let’s not forget about the cheese fondue. Cheese fondue is not helping anyone losing weight, last time I checked.

Tanya's 101 ~ Losing Weight | How I got back on the right track after gaining some pounds

The week after, my scale slapped me in the face. I gained weight. I gained so much, that it would be impossible to lose enough of it before the end of the month, to be able to write a success story. I just had to accept the fact that I would have to tell the world that I was a heavier person than a month before. The only thing I could do, was try to reduce the damage a little bit and at least have one good week in February. Maybe then I still could try to come close to the 105,7 kg (233 lbs) I was last month. Whatever the outcome would be, I convinced myself that this article would not be a story of failure. Failure would mean I would give up after these few setbacks and get back to my previous, unhealthy lifestyle. But I was determined on not giving up this time. Instead, I would suck it up, learn from it and do better in the future.

After this wise, grown-up inner pep talk Ruud and I went to visit some friends. They both just started a low-carb / high-protein diet. Since they cooked dinner for us, we didn’t eat any carbs that evening. They made very tasty tuna burgers and a fresh salad, so I didn’t miss them at all. The next day, my scale showed me an astonishing result of -1,1 kg! Boom, just like that. Although I’m not in favor of leaving out entire food groups for a long period of time, I figured eating low-carb once in a while wouldn’t be such a bad idea. If Ruud and I would do this a few times per month, it would be totally doable! The next day, another 1,1 kg were lost! I don’t know if this was still because of the low-carb meal though. Maybe my sushi from a few days earlier had finally digested. I don’t know. Whatever the reason was, this sudden weight loss gave me a great boost of confidence. It showed me that once I make a mistake in my diet, I can easily turn things around again.

With just a few days left on the calendar, I was already celebrating the fact that I could write a successful weight loss story again. But then I got sick. Yes, AGAIN! Can you believe it? I had barely recovered from my first virus! This second virus was nastier though. I coughed. And not just a little bit. No, I coughed like a walrus. Normally in this situation, I would have started eating licorice like a maniac, to make the pain in my throat go away. It’s even recommended by doctors to do this. But I didn’t want to ruin the results that had appeared on my scale just the day before. And I was in my second month of sweet abstinence. What was I to do? I decided I wanted to try and ease the pain another way this time. So I tried painkillers, throat medicine, cough syrup, soup, honey, tea with honey and sugar water. It all helped to a certain degree, but of course you can’t eat soup all day long or take pill after pill. The only thing that I could repeat every time I felt the pain coming back, was eat honey. This went a little over the top, however. I literally ate half a bottle of honey in one day! I doubted if that was healthier than just letting a piece of licorice melt in my mouth. Probably not. My scale agreed. So after two days of trying all sorts of things, I went to the store and bought licorice anyway. I’d rather start over with my second month of withholding from sweets, than to keep coughing and being in pain. However, I was proud that I tried all these other things first!

I’m still not fully recovered. So every now and then I still take some licorice and I’m glued to the couch under a blanket most of the day. I hope to recover soon, because I can’t wait to go for my daily walks again and lock my sweets up in the pantry. But for now, the main question is: what’s the damage? I missed a lot of my walks, I ate unhealthier when Ruud stayed at home, I drank honey like it was water and I stuffed a bag of sweets in my throat. There much be damage, right?

This morning, my frenemy The Scale told me. Last month, it had showed me my weight was 105,7 kg (233 lbs). Today, my weight had dropped to 104,7 kg (230,8 lbs). Wait, wut? I LOST a whole kilogram? Despite serious lack of exercise and way to many sugar? How? I can only imagine what I would have lost if it had been just a regular, healthy month. I can’t wait ’till it’s March!

Oh, and if you know any tasty low-carb recipes, please let me know! I’d really like to try some out next month!

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