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The Christmas Carol Away In A Manger and a New Domain

December 28, 2015

I know Christmas is already over, but it’s still Christmas time, right? So I am perfectly in time to share my Christmas carol Away In A Manger with you, right? Right!

But first, welcome on my new blog! Well, technically it’s the same blog, only on a new domain. Sarah Fünke is responsible for the amazing new design. It’s so fresh and light, yet still colorful. I love it! I hope you do too. Because from now on I’ll be posting on this new domain. The old domain will not be updated anymore. If you were an email subscriber on my old domain, you should be automatically subscribed to this domain as well, which means, nothing changes for you. If you were a subscriber though, I have not been able to migrate your subscription fully, unfortunately. You will still see my posts in your Reader, but you will not get an email notification anymore. If you would like to, then please re-subscribe to this blog. Sorry about the inconvenience! WordPress just didn’t have the option to let me do it for you. I promise it’ll be worth it though. I will not focus solely on my 101 goals anymore, although it will still be my main focus. In addition I will have some new categories, which will most probably be craft-related. More on that next year! (Which is next week already, people, start panicking!)

I hope you all had a very nice Christmas! I sure did. My boyfriend happened to be my secret Santa twice and we also agreed on giving each other a little something anyway. The result: he spoiled me rotten. We also enjoyed our free time together by having some nice meals (yes, the typical Dutch table grill was involved, thrice!) and by proceeding on some of my goals, in fact!

We watched three movies: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, A Nightmare Before Christmas and The Grinch. This brings my total on 39 of 101 movies. This goal is going well! I will blog about the movies soon. We also played some Lego Harry Potter on the PS3, which means progress on my gaming goal. We’re almost halfway through the game, so this just might be the first game I’ll finish.

The progress I’d like to share with you today, is related to this goal:

No. 24: Upload 5 new videos on YouTube in which I sing. (2/5)

I uploaded my second song on YouTube! You may have seen it already, if you’re a subscriber to my YouTube channel or if you’re one of my Facebook friends. But if not, I’ll share it with you below. I uploaded a Christmas carol on Christmas Eve to wish everyone a very happy Christmas. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to write a blog on Christmas Eve as well, as we were expected at my mother’s to celebrate Christmas. Family first, right? Oh well, I guess it’s never to late for a nice Christmas song, is it? Consider it my digital Christmas card for all of you.

The song I chose is Away In A Manger, because it’s one of my favorite Christmas Carols. I think because it’s about a little baby, just like any other baby, being brave in his cold little bed. It’s such a sweet song. I am pretty proud of myself, playing the guitar for only six months and already having uploaded two songs on YouTube! And I like doing it, so there will definitely be more in the near future. (And not only because it’s one of my goals.)

If you like the song and like to see more in the future, please subscribe to my YouTube channel. I’m planning on posting a new song each month from now on. So if all goes as planned, I should have completed this goal by the end of March.

Oh, and please let me know what you think of my new blog design in the comments!

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