Movies 4-6: The 60’s, Four Rooms and Lots of Rats

January 13, 2015

Yesterday I told you about the first three movies I had seen in order to reach my goal. But I didn’t stop there. I have 101 movies to watch! Are you curious what else I’ve watched? Then read on!

Down with Love
(seen on 23-11-2014) 

I’ve seen this movie on movie night with my theater group. I didn’t read a movie description or see a trailer before. I simply watched this movie because this was the one most people voted for. Okay, I have to admit, I voted for this one as well, because it sounded so perfectly romantic and not at all complicated. I just expected a simple love story. The prefect genre for movie night, when you have the risk of people wanting multiple pee breaks and the inevitable chitchatting in between. Besides that, the main female character was Renée Zellweger. You know, the old version of her we all liked so much.

The first thing I noticed, was the great way the 60’s was displayed (cars, colors, dresses, hair). I totally loved it! But I thought of the story as a bit boring and predictably. Very funny though. Then, as it progressed, I found out that it was a parody on the romantic comedy genre. That was when I started to absolutely love it! I believe there wasn’t a cliché they didn’t do. Awesome!

Four Rooms
(seen on 06-12-2014) 

This was a movie consisting of 4 different stories, directed by four different people, all sewed together by the story of the bellboy. I like this idea, but unfortunately, I only liked one of the four stories (The Misbehavers). I should have known in advance, because one of the directors was Quentin Tarantino. I really don’t like his style, with the pretend-to-be-funny mafia language. Okay, I will hide in a corner now.

(seen on 15-12-2014)

I can’t believe I’ve never seen this movie before! It was recommended to me so many times in the past. I was told that it was brilliant. And it was! It was so cute, hilarious and touching at the same time. Its brilliant that Pixar can make us love and loath rats at the same time.

In short, this is a story about a little rat wanting to become a famous cook. So he tries to fulfill his dream by secretly cooking in a fancy, famous restaurant. A rat in the kitchen, that’s bound to cause some trouble…

It’s hard not to love little rat Remy. He’s cute, funny and silly at the same time. Furthermore, I think Pixar did a great job in finding ways to let this little fellow cook with human sized pots and utensils. Remy’s solutions were so creative! That’s why I think the best part of the movie was when hundreds of rats cooked at the same time. Hilarious! I’m really glad I watched this movie. Everyone should.

These three movies together with the ones I wrote about yesterday, make six together! But as you can see on my list, I already watched eight movies by now. Tonight I plan to see another. So be prepared for a third movie update later this week!

Have you seen these movies? What is your opinion on them?

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