Tanya’s 101 Moves to a New Domain

September 23, 2015

Great news, everyone! I am going to self-host my blog with a completely renewed design! This means my blog will move to a new website soon!

Blog Move Pixabay 2

This month it’s been a year ago since I started blogging about my goals. I loved every single part of it, except for one tiny little bit: the design. Having a free WordPress theme has its limits. I tried to spruce up my blog as well as I could, but I’ve always thought it had a pretty amateurish feel about it.

So now that I’m faithfully blogging for a year, it’s time for a change! I will be self-hosting my blog on my own domain. For me this means lots more possibilities and a design that fits me as a person. For you it means visiting me at a new web address. I will let you know under which address you will be able to find me, once it’s up and running. If you are subscribed to my blog, this means you will have to re-subscribe to the new blog. Sorry for the inconvenience. I assure you it will be totally worth it though. A friend of mine has created the new design and it looks awesome! So much cleaner and such fresh colors. All my blog articles will be easier to find as well.

Of course I will upload all my old posts to the new blog as well, so except for the design changes, it will feel like nothing has changed at all! If all goes well, it should be ready at the end of this month. Until then, you can still enjoy reading new articles on this WordPress hosted site.

I will keep you updated! Stay tuned!

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