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Surprise a Friend with a Homemade Cake

February 10, 2016
Twinkly Tanya ~ Surprise Someone with a Homemade Cake | 101 in 1001 | Day Zero Project | Baking

I love baking and I love surprising people. So I figured it would be perfect to combine the two into this goal:

No. 93: Surprise someone on a random day with a homemade cake.

I didn’t quite know who would be my ‘victim’ though, or when would be the best time to do it. I mean, how would you know if someone is home, or is even appreciating you dropping by without any message? Of course I could just bring a cake on a day I would meet a friend anyways, but that didn’t seem quite as fun as just dropping by unexpectedly and handing over a cake. I decided not to think about this too much and wait for the right time. Last week, that right time had come.

A friend of mine was feeling really depressed that day, to the extend that she wasn’t even able to go to work. I felt so bad for her and I really wanted to do something to cheer her up. And then suddenly I remembered this goal. It seems like the perfect recipe: surprising her with a visit and filling her up with chocolate. The effort I would put into a homemade cake only could add to her well-being, I thought. So I looked up a fairly fast, yet super yummy recipe for a chocolate cake and started baking.

It really felt good creating something that would probably cheer up my friend. Of course I didn’t expect to solve all her worries with a simple cake, but I hoped it would at least put a smile on her face.

When driving up to her, I was so worried that she wouldn’t be home. I knew she had called in sick, but what if she decided to visit a friend to see if they could cheer her up? I felt a tingling in my stomach, yet at the same time I knew I should not worry. When your feeling depressed, the last thing you are thinking about is leaving the house.

Twinkly Tanya ~ Surprise Someone with a Homemade Cake | 101 in 1001 | Day Zero Project | Baking

When I rang her bell, nobody answered, though. I rang again and started to feel nervous again. When still nobody answered, I decided to give her a call. For all I knew, she was just getting a few necessities for dinner or something. I did not find my phone anywhere though. I must have left it at home! This was the worst possible time for that! Being unplugged is not always that great, apparently.

So I took my cake and went back home again. I felt sad. I wanted to cheer her up so badly and now I failed. I decided to give it another try later tonight, but now I was worried that she still might not be home by then. And how would I know? Of course I could call her and ask, but that would kinda spoil the surprise.

I took my chances and just tried again without letting her know I was coming. Again, nobody answered. This time I had my phone with me though, so I called her. She answered! It appears she was at home after all, but she had had her headphones on to listen to some music. It was a miracle she even heard her phone. It turned out she had been there all along, also the first time when I was there. How amusing.

I may have had some difficulties delivering the cake, but the result was exactly as I had hoped for: it had put a smile on her face. If it hadn’t written this down as a goal, I would probably not have thought of doing this. I don’t know if I would have come up with something else, or if I would have dropped by at all. Maybe I would have tried to visit her, find her not being home and I would not have tried a second time. I don’t know what would have happened. All I know is that I will have to thank myself for coming up with this goal one and a half years ago. Because this goal helped me make my friend just a tiny bit less depressed. And that is something really priceless.

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