Selfie No. 6 – Mafia Murders

March 18, 2015

In a very small village in a deserted part of the Netherlands, night had just fallen. Every inhabitant was sound asleep. Not one noise was too be heard. All seemed peaceful as ever. Yet, in the morning, when the rooster crowed its favorite song, something seemed to have changed. When all the people, dressed in suits and carrying briefcases, walked to their car, their partners waving them goodbye in the doorstep, one door remained closed.
It was behind this door, that a man lay on the floor, his head resting on a pool of dried blood. The knife which had slit his throat was forcefully pierced into the wooden floor, holding a piece of paper in place, that said:
‘Killed by mob. Don’t seek for us. Or you’ll be next.’

Tanya's 101 ~ Selfie No. 6: Mafia Murders | Because themed selfies are awesome

Picture by Oscar Diego Leaño, enhanced by Sarah Fünke

It was in this village, where me and my fellow Wow-Effect actors pretended to be last Saturday. For we were playing the game Mafia (also known with different characters as the game Werewolves). Each night, one of us was brutally murdered, which in theory meant you were out of the game. Ghosts can only watch, not talk. The remaining villagers had to put the most suspicious person among them on trial, where they were sentenced to death. In the end, only one small group of people would survive: either the mafia or the innocent people who were still left.

As a theater group, we took this game seriously. We all dressed up as mafia members. This resulted in an epic collection of top hats, feathery dresses and women’s ties. Which were, combined with awfully good company and lots of delicious snacks, the ingredients for a very memorable evening.

Tanya's 101 ~ Selfie No. 6: Mafia Murders | Because themed selfies are awesome

And as you may know by now, memorable evenings call for a selfie. So here it is: a mafia me. Notice how the reflection of myself is shining in my glasses? Oh, how I wish to be able to do photoshop right now. I will get there someday. Otherwise, I think I look very cool in that picture. Actually, Ruud and I both looked awesomely bad. So just because I’m so proud of our costumes, here’s another selfie with both of us.

Tanya's 101 ~ Selfie No. 6: Mafia Murders | Because themed selfies are awesome

So if you ever come across us dressed like this: beware.

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