Selfie nr. 1 – Behind the mask

October 31, 2014

I hate selfies, to be honest. Sure, they serve a purpose when you’re on a trip with your significant other and nobody’s there to capture the moment. Or if you just want to send a silly face to your best friend to cheer them up. But most selfies are just being taken for the mere purpose of sharing yet another picture of your face with the world. There’s narcissism and attention seeking behavior dripping all over it. Yuck.

Tanya's 101 - Goal nr. 33 - First Selfie, Halloween themed But here’s my goal nr. 36: Take a selfie every month. Why on earth would I want to share 33 pictures of my face with the world? Well, actually I don’t. And that’s exactly why I chose to do this goal. I’m not the queen of self-esteem. In fact, I’m quite insecure, especially about the way I look. My Facebook picture dates from 7 years ago. The only picture of me on this blog is 2,5 years old. That’s how satisfied I am about myself.

I believe the time has come to change that. I want to embrace the person I am. I want to be able to look at myself and say: “Hey, that’s not half bad.” And I think taking selfies is a great way of achieving this. I stumbled upon the very same goal on Scarlet’s blog. Her selfies were bursting of creativity. Each of them are little art pieces. I love it! If I use my creativity, surely I can look great on pictures as well, right?

It takes some time to fully embrace this view, I must say. I’m still a little terrified of this project. But I have to take the plunge immediately, because I started my 101 in 1001 with just 3 days left in my first month. So today I’ll be posting my first selfie. Taking the picture was way more fun than I had imagined! I even chortled. Because it’s October 31st, I did this one in the Halloween theme. Hiding behind my mask once more. But I promise, I’ll take it off after today. I will!

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