Selfie No. 8 – Performance Picture

June 1, 2015

It has been ten days since I posted my last blog article. It may seem that I am becoming a bit lazy, or that I am even forgetting about my goals entirely. But the contrary is the case. I have been very busy. I have been working really hard to get Bedtime Stories (the play I wrote, remember?) ready for stage. And I even accomplished some goals in between! But more about them later.

In May I haven’t posted a selfie yet. And although technically it is now June 1, I haven’t gone to bed yet, so in my head it’s still May 31. I really wanted to capture today in a selfie and I couldn’t post earlier. But I say it still counts. Besides, I took it in May.

Tanya's 101 ~ Selfie No. 8 - Performance Picture

This selfie may not be of the best quality. In fact, I even took selfies this month that have a much higher resolution. Yet I choose this picture. Because this photo has been taken at a very special moment, a moment I wanted to cherish forever.

In his picture, I am proudly standing in the dressing room of theater Lindenberg, 30 minutes before the performance of Bedtime Stories. It will be the second performance and it will be the last. This is a moment filled with pride, joy, but also sadness. Seeing my play come to live on stage was such an incredible experience, I really don’t want it to end. It will end today though.

But I’ll make sure the moment will always stay with me, captured in this picture.

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