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Selfie no. 16: Embrace the Nerd

February 1, 2016
Twinkly Tanya ~ Selfie no. 16: Embrace the Nerd | 101 in 1001 | Day Zero Project | Selfie Challenge

When I was in high school, being a nerd was considered a bad thing. Something to be ashamed about, something to be bullied for. Perhaps it’s still that way. I wouldn’t know, because I haven’t been in high school for a very long time.

Not that I cared. Okay, well, maybe a little bit. I mean, who doesn’t want to fit in during their high school years? But it never kept me from playing video games and reading books. It might have kept me from embracing my nerdy self to the fullest though. I only notice that now, because I seem to be getting nerdier by the day. I found myself a nerdy partner, I embrace myself with nerdy friends and together we do nerdy stuff. You know, going at game conventions and manga conventions, exploring the world of cosplay, getting together to do role playing, playing LEGO Harry Potter on the PlayStation. It doesn’t get much nerdier. And I love it!

But still, I noticed that somehow I am still a bit reluctant to show my nerdy self to the world. A few months ago I bought a huge bow for my hair, yet I never dared wearing it. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s that teen me, whispering to me that good things will not come from being yourself. I do not agree with teen me, though. Being yourself is the best thing that you can do. Fuc Never mind others.

So this month, I proudly wore my bow twice. Once to a game convention and once to an evening of role playing. Yes, it was at nerdy happenings, but still. I wore it. In public. And now I am showing you. Hello world, this is me, Tanya, proudly presenting my bow to you and embracing the nerd I truly am!

2016 - Selfie January (6a)

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  • Reply Smiling Notes February 16, 2016 at 2:23 am

    Aww you are so pretty Tanya!

    • Tanya de Kruijff
      Reply Tanya de Kruijff February 16, 2016 at 10:08 am

      Aww thank you! ^_^

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