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Selfie No. 15: Plans Instead of New Year’s resolutions

January 1, 2016
Twinkly Tanya ~ Selfie No. 15: Plans Instead of New Year's Resolutions| 101 in 1001 | Day Zero Project

Happy 2016 everybody! I hope you had a blast yesterday! Did you all make New Year’s resolutions? Or plans? Goals? I haven’t made any New Year’s resolutions. They do have a specific negativity over them, expectations of failing and such. Besides, if you’d like to make changes in your life, why wait until January first? You can change your ways and create goals at any point in your life!

I do get the refreshed feeling of a new year though. Somehow it feel like a clean slate, as if all the bad habits and sad memories exploded together with all the fireworks yesterday. So although I didn’t make typical New Year’s resolutions, I did make some concrete plans for 2016. Stuff that will help me grow on different aspects of my life.

Plan 1: Succeed in losing weight again

To begin with I have made a 5-step plan to succeed in losing weight again, which I shared with you yesterday. Sounds like a typical New Year’s resolution? Well, what makes it different to me is the actual plan. New Year’s resolutions always sound so vague. I would say: ‘Okay, in 2016 I will go on a diet!’ And that would be it. I would even have chosen a specific diet perhaps and succeed for a couple of weeks. But sooner or later I would have a difficult day. A day where I wouldn’t be able to comply with my diet. I’d feel like failing in my diet and therefor failing in my New Year’s resolution. And then suddenly it all wouldn’t seem to matter anymore and I’d be going back to my old habits.

Sounds familiar? Well, that’s why I don’t want to have some vague resolutions this year, but concrete plans. It’s why I created my 5 steps. This way, when that day comes where it all seems too much and too difficult, there will probably be at least one or two steps I was succesful in. So I wouldn’t feel like a complete failure and would still be motivated to continue and try better the next day.

Plan 2: Grow as a freelance writer

I have been slowly becoming a freelance writer over the last 1,5 years. Too slow, in my opinion. So I have planned to speed things up a bit! How? By taking these steps:

  • Have my company website launched on February 1st. The website, the design and the photos are already there. Now all I need to do is write the content! That shouldn’t be too difficult, right? Since, you know… I’m a writer.
  • Print business cards in January. Wouldn’t it be nice if the website and the business cards are completed together?
  • Find me some places to network in the first half of 2016. People will have to know I exist, right?
  • Actively try to find clients. Once the website is up and the business cards are printed, I am ready to present myself on the market!

Twinkly Tanya ~ Selfie No. 15: Plans Instead of New Year's Resolutions| 101 in 1001 | Day Zero Project

Plan 3: Grow as a YouTuber

I’ve had my YouTube account for seven years now. During that time, I posted only 10 videos. I’ve always regretted not using my YouTube account more often. I decided to stop regretting and start shooting! I also wanted to find more time to be creative, so I decided to combine the two. I will create five different video series, for which I will make regular posts:

  • A Wreck This Journal series. As you might remember, completing a Wreck This Journal is one of my 101 goals. I haven’t touched it for months, though. My last update on this blog was in July 2015. So this video series will actually help me with one of my goals which I’ve neglected for too long.
  • A Create This Book series. Create This Book is another great prompt book. I’ve ordered it months ago and it has been sitting on my shelf ever since. I actually planned on doing a video series on this book right from the start. But now I am actually doing it.
  • A Creative Pen Pal series. Did you know pen pals don’t necessarily write their letters on a piece of stationary paper? Neither did I! Until I became a pen pal myself half a year ago. There are so many amazing, creative ways to create happy mail for your pen pals. I love doing it, so I thought I’d share my creations with the world. (I already upload my creations on my Instagram account, if you’re curious.)
  • A Smash Book series. A smash book is a journal in which you keep all your memories and keepsakes in a creative way. I have a few and I’d love to share my process.
  • And a Musical series. In the past this was my intention with my YouTube account: post regular musical videos. I did a few, but it definitely wasn’t a regular thing. However, last year I had a YouTube revival with my first learned guitar song and a Christmas carol. I loved it so much, that I decided to make it a regular thing. For real this time.

So, there is is. My plans which are not New Year’s Resolutions. Maybe you noticed I incorporated a lot of my 101 goals in these three plans. So by following my plans, I will also progress on my project goals! And by writing this post, I also added my December selfie!

Have you also made some concrete plans for the 2016? Please, share them in the comments. You’ll see that by sharing your plans with other people, you’ll be more motivated to actually succeed in your plans! Happy 2016!

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