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Selfie no. 14 ~ A New Me

December 1, 2015

Sorry for being so awfully quiet in November. No updates doesn’t mean no work however! I’ve been working really hard with my theater group for our performance in the finals of The Play of Nijmegen. I also have completed some of my goals. I will tell you all about them the next few days, because I’m back!

In December I will probably still be a bit less chatty than usual though, because I will probably take a few days off and well… because it’s December! Who has time for anything in December? I will be back with updates though, at least of the goals I’ve accomplished.

In January I will be back completely, hopefully finally on my new domain with my new design! I’m looking forward to that!

This week I will give you my monthly update (which will now be a sneak preview of my accomplished goals instead of a summary) and my weight loss update. But for now, I just want to get back in the picture with… A picture!

Selfie November 2015 (6)

I have always been a very girly girl, except on one area: make-up. I do like make-up. To a certain degree. I wear eye shadow and mascara every day, just to look a little bit more awake and sparkly. But I do not like to wear three different cake layers on my face. I prefer the natural look.

Lately I have been experimenting a bit though. I think it started off with my theater performances. You cannot go on stage without at least a bit of foundation, unless you’re performing as the Glowing Cherry. I also knew my photo shoot for the website was getting nearer, and I wanted to look professional. I tend to turn red by just existing, so something had to be done about that.

And it was just as if my friend Scarlett knew all of this (which she didn’t), because for my birthday she gave me a set of contouring powder, highlighting powder and blush. I never did any contouring or highlighting before (stage make-up and Halloween costume make-up not taken into account). I must say, the effects amaze me! Contouring and highlighting doesn’t necessarily mean you turn out to look like a birthday cake, who knew? I could still look natural, but without the dark circles around my eyes and the random red spots all over my face. I looked ten years younger! Or maybe it’s just me noticing all this.

Anyhow, I am presenting a new me today! A natural me with make-up, who likes her face just a bit better than before. Oh, and I know it’s technically December now, but this counts as my November selfie, as I took it on the day a friend of mine got his doctoral degree, on November 26.

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