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Selfie No. 13 ~ A Fairy for Halloween

November 1, 2015

Halloween is not a big thing in the Netherlands. I never went trick or treating when I was a kid, homes are not decorated at all and if you’re walking the streets all dressed up, people will look at you as if you’ve lost it.

Well, things have changed a bit. Some people carve a pumpkin nowadays, a few kids go trick or treating. But up until now I usually forgot all about it and searched for some candy all panicking whenever the doorbell rang on October 31st.

Not this year though. Maybe it’s because I have some overseas pen pals now and I catches the fever, maybe it’s because my friend really insisted on making me a cool costume or maybe it’s because I wanted a freakin’ cool birthday party for a change. Or all of the above. Anyhow, I decided to not only celebrate Halloween this year, but host a party myself! It had been my birthday on October 8th, so why not mix the two up and host a Halloween themed birthday party?

And as I said, a friend of mine was so eager to make me a costume. I became a very beautiful fairy (although I may look like an angel a bit as well). I loved all the work my friend put in the wig, the head piece and the belt. She also made my face all sparkly, but sadly that doesn’t show too well in the pictures. I can assure you it was awesome though! Such a shame I had to was it all off afterwards.

Obviously this was the day I chose for my selfie goal. Because what better day to shoot a selfie than the day you look like a fairy?


I also completed one of my goals during my party, but that is a story I will save for tomorrow… How did you dress up for Halloween? Please show me your costumes!

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