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Selfie no. 11 ~ Bespectacled 2

August 30, 2015

August has almost come to an end, which means I’m in desperate need of a new selfie! Without any context, this may sound a bit narcissistic. But if you are a regular follower of this blog, you’ll know that it’s because of this goal:

No. 36: Take a selfie every month.

Last month I showed you my new glasses, but I also mentioned having another pair of new glasses. So here it is!

Selfie no. 11 ~ Bespectacled 2 | Selfie August | Monthly Selfie Challenge

It’s still a bit weird sometimes to have glasses on me at all times. But it’s even weirder to look at the world without them. I cannot believe I have lived with such bad eyesight for so many years. And to be honest, I think I pull them off pretty well! Would you agree?

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Tanya de Kruijff
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