Selfie No. 10 ~ Bespectacled Me

July 27, 2015

Years ago I got my first glasses. I think I was about 17 years old. I didn’t need to wear them all the time, but life just was a tad more prettier when I did. I didn’t like having glasses on my nose all day though, so at one point I decided to switch to lenses. Until… I had to pay for them myself. Holy cow, those tiny invisible circles are expensive! I decided my world would be just a bit less pretty. I’d only wear my glasses when I was playing a computer game (come on people, priorities!).

At one point I started noticing that one eye wouldn’t see sharp anymore, even with my glasses on. In fact, I only noticed that when looking through my glasses, since that was the only time my other eye would see sharp. I also started wondering if my fatigue could somehow have been reinforced by my bad eyesight. I mean, it’s not that bad I bump into things or something like that, but I could only imagine my brain was suffering ever so slightly, trying to compensate my eyesight continuously and therefore causing some of my fatigue. However, I still couldn’t afford lenses and glasses are expensive too.

That changed two weeks ago, though. One of our opticians had the most amazing offer: buy one pair of glasses, get two (!) extra pairs of glasses for free! I could buy a pair of glasses, a second pair for whenever I’d be in the mood for a color change and a pair of sunglasses! I didn’t hesitate any longer and ran to the optician to seal the deal.

Last week my glasses arrived. I put them on and was stunned by how the world changed. Not only for the better though. Apparently my eyesight had been so crooked that I didn’t see shapes the proper way. I had to get used to this whole new world and at first I even thought the optician had made a mistake and put the wrong glasses in.

But now I’m used to it. The downside? I cannot step into the world without glasses anymore. My eyesight is too bad for that and my brain refuses to compensate like it did before (really, how did I manage all these years?). The upside? I’ve got some pretty kick-ass glasses! So obviously I’m going to show them off in this months selfie! Well, one of them. The other ones will have to wait until later.

Tanya's 101 ~ Bespectacled Me

What do you think of my glasses?

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