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Photo Shoot by Anni Galamini

January 7, 2016
Photo Shoot by Anne Latumeten

One of my 101 goals is to have a professional photo shoot. Not just for fun, but to create some professional photos for my website and social media.

No. 7: Visit a professional photographer to shoot pictures of me for my website and social media.

Twinkly Tanya ~ Photo Shoot by Anni Galamini

Now, I happen to have a neighbor who is an awesome professional photographer: Anni Galamini. I have admired her work for quite a while. She is specialized in portrait photos and they are all really coming to live every time. Most of the time she does black and white photography, which is awesome. However, for my websites and social media I wanted to have brightly colored pictures. Luckily, she was totally up for that.

I wanted my photos to look professional, but I didn’t want a set of boring, corporate pictures. So I thought it would be fun to create a retro feeling. I posted a request for retro equipment, such as a typewriter, a quill, an old phone, stuff like that. So many people replied! My friend Mathew had the most awesome typewriter for me, Hester from dog school De Vrije Hond gave me a gorgeous retro phone, I got calligraphy pens and ink from Erik, boxes full of old cameras from my neighbor Wilma and Sarah (the one who created the awesome design of this blog) even had an old movie projector for me. I was stunned by all these awesome objects. Thank you so much everyone!

Twinkly Tanya ~ Photo Shoot by Anni Galamini

Anni had some amazing ideas of how to use these objects and turn them into professional but playful photos. She even suggested an outside shoot. These outside pictures actually became my favorite ones of the whole shoot! I had to conquer a very strong, cold wind and some drizzle, but it was totally worth it. The wind made my hair dance, as well as the plants surrounding me, which created such an enchanting effect. The inside pictures also turned out pretty awesome. The desk I refurbished a while ago was perfect for this shoot, as well as the refurbished living room table.

I must say I felt a bit awkward in the beginning of the photo shoot, having to smile at the camera as if it had just told me the most amazing joke. I still feel quite uncomfortable genuinely smiling at my own camera when making selfies sometimes. And now there was another person behind the camera, which made it quite embarrassing at first. But after a while I felt more comfortable and it even became quite fun. I especially liked the pictures where I was allowed to make funny faces and look goofy.

Twinkly Tanya ~Photo Shoot by Anni Galamini

I didn’t model for every picture, though. I also wanted some nice pictures of some of the retro objects, or of playful lettering, to go on my website. I delivered the objects, and again Anni brought them to life. Even though they’re ‘just objects’, the pictures look so stunning.

I am so glad I had my photo shoot at last! Now I can finally finish my company website and grow as a freelance writer. This truly feels like a new beginning. And hiring Anni Galamini for the job was the perfect choice. I loved her relaxed way of shooting and all of her creative ideas.

Photo Shoot by Anne Latumeten

What do you think of the photos? Let me know, please!

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