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December 28, 2014

Pinterest. What a great tool to collect hundreds or even thousands of great DIY ideas to gawk at never to be used again! Wait, wut? Great ideas should be used! If you can relate in any way to the fact that I have a Pinterest account full of great inspiring boards in desperate need of some digital dusting off, then you can probably understand my 30th goal: Create 5 DIY projects of my Pinterest wall.

For the very first of my projects, I chose to upcycle some old jeans. I really love upcycling, because trash suddenly becomes treasure. Why throw away something if you can also turn it into something beautiful? My ‘Pinspiration’: this creation that I pinned about two years ago:

Tanya's 101 - Hand-sewn Denim Bag. Very easy! Inspired by this Pinterest post.

Source: through Pinterest Creator: Unknown

Don’t you think they’re cute as a button? I decided to make these as a gift. Two times even! The first time for my sister, who was staying in a hospital that didn’t allow ceramic flower pots. I really wanted to give her a colorful plant to cheer her up, so sewing a pot was the way to go! The second time I gave one to my mother for her birthday, because she really likes homemade gifts. She’s not a flower kind of person though, so I filled it with some nice bathing products instead. Let me show you how I made these and how they both turned out.

First, I cut off the bottom part of a jeans’ leg. I didn’t measure it, but I guess it was about 30 cm (12″).

Tanya's 101 - Hand-sewn Denim Bag. Very easy!

I turned the jeans leg inside out and sewed the upper part closed. I did this by hand, because I haven’t learned how to use a sewing machine yet. But denim fabric probably is too thick for our sewing machine anyway.

Tanya's 101 - Hand-sewn Denim Bag. Very easy!

Once the pant leg was sewed, I sewed two lines of stitches square to the first line, as you can see in the picture.

Tanya's 101 - Hand-sewn Denim Bag. Very easy!

Now I turned the jeans inside in again and it had become a bag!

Tanya's 101 - Hand-sewn Denim Bag. Very easy!

It looks great already, doesn’t it? But I decided I wanted to decorate it some more to make it more personal. On the flower pot for my sister I attached some paper flowers, because they looked cheerful. I also put a sandwich bag inside the bag, so the fabric wouldn’t get wet every time my sister would water the plant.

Tanya's 101 - Hand-sewn Denim Bag. Very easy!

For my mothers bag, I used some lace ribbon in a color she really likes. The lace covered up some ugly damaged spots on the jeans (after all, they are worn-out pants). And it made the whole thing prettier and more feminine. On the ribbon I attached a nice embellishment to make it look even nicer.

Tanya's 101 - Hand-sewn Denim Bag. Very easy!

Both my sister and my mother were very happy with their gifts. And me too! Because besides the fact I think I did a really nice job, I have 20% of my goal accomplished! Do you like the way these bags have turned out?

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