My hoggy hog

November 4, 2014

A cute, big, fat pig. One that’s big enough to contain all the euro’s I’m planning on earning by accomplishing all my goals. But also one that’s beautiful enough to look at for the next 2,75 few years. That’s what I was looking for and surprisingly, that was exactly what I found! I didn’t dare dreaming of such a perfect piggy bank for my project. I mean, look at it, my head would even fit in there!

Tanya's 101 - A huge ass (but terribly cute) piggy bank to save the earned money from the Day Zero Project. This helps to stay motivated!

And it’s just too cute to be true! It’s as if the shop owner knew that I was in need for a huge ass good-looking money container. Because when I walked in to the shop, looking for something else completely, it just stood there, looking me directly in the eyes. I knew I had to bring this cute fellow home. This hoggy hog will remind me of my goals every day easily, just by being there, being all big, pink and prominent. I can’t wait to fill him up with my first earned money!

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