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Movies 26-31: The Forgotten Movies

September 7, 2015

I have a confession to make. I haven’t blogged about all the movies and plays I’ve seen and all the books I’ve read yet. I’ve been so busy writing about other goals, or actually trying to complete some of my goals, that some of these have just slipped my mind. I have noted them down though, so I haven’t forgotten about them completely. And this week seems like a perfect week as any to blog about them after all and catch up. Let’s start with movies!

(Seen on February 23, 2015)

I know why I haven’t blogged about this one. I was sick at the time. I felt so awful, I could not even concentrate on reading a book. Watching a Disney movie seemed like a perfect way to kill my time while my body was trying to kill my germs. This one had been on my watch list since forever. I remember I watched the first part of this movie when I was in elementary school. It was a special day at school. I believe we would be going somewhere, but I forgot where to. I remember we had to wait for a bit though and the teachers let us watch Bambi. But we couldn’t finish it. I was devastated, because I really wanted to see the end. I never did though. Until February 23 this year.

We all know the story of Bambi, right? A young dear growing up to be the king of the Forrest. He doesn’t know his dad, but is very happy with his mom and his friends Thumper and Flower. After some hunters have come into the forest one day, he has to face the world alone. Then he meets his dad for the very first time.

I was blown away when I started the movie. This was old-school Disney! I believe the first fifteen minutes not a single word was spoken. It was all songs, some with lyrics, some without. Also it wasn’t clear at all what the movie would be about. We saw Bambi getting born, learning to walk, meeting new friends and finally saying his first words. This was all intro and platform, no actual story yet. After the characters finally began talking, there was another fifteen minutes of building the platform. We got to now the characters and their relations a little bit better, but that was all that happened. In this era such a movie could never be made again. We want action, knowing where a story is headed. Our attention span apparently has shrunken big time.

I liked the movie, but for nostalgic reasons. You have to see this movie once in your life to know your classics and to realize how far we have come since then.

Tangled (Rapunzel)
(Seen on February 23, 2015)

After Bambi, I decided I needed another Disney movie. But this time a newer one. I chose Tangled, because I wanted to watch it for a while now.

Rapunzel has been abducted from the castle when she was a little baby. Her new mother locks her up in the tower they live in and forbids her to go outside. Every year on her birthday, the whole city burns candles in remembrance of Rapunzel and let them fly into the sky. Rapunzel doesn’t know these are for her, but she loves them deeply and watches them every year from her window. She decides she want to go see them for real on her next birthday, no matter what her mother says.

I loved it! It was so awesome to see the difference with a movie like Bambi. In Tangled, the goal and inner struggle of the main character was clear in no time, the songs are so much better and it’s way more suitable for adults as well. The story was pretty deep. Finding out someone you love isn’t who she says she is and has betrayed you for years, wishing for something to happen so badly but being afraid of it at the same time, wanting to explore the world but having inner demons who tell you that you can’t and not finding support from others in fulfilling your dreams. Most of these are things we can all relate to, at least at some level. I love Disney for being able to create such a deep story that really moves me, but making it funny and light at the same time. If you haven’t watched this movie yet, then do!

The Bucket List
(Seen on April 05, 2015)

Two men who have only a couple of months left to live meet in the hospital. They decide they want to make the best out of the time they have left, so they create a bucket list together of things they want to do before they die. They escape from the cancer ward and go on a road trip together.

Oh man, this was a real tear jerker. I mean, it’s a story about two men who are going to die of cancer. That’s a serious subject! But even though the subject is tough, many moments in the movie are very funny and kind of light-hearted. It’s a beautiful story that gets you to think about all the dreams you like to see fulfilled, how short life really is and how important your loved ones are. At least, it got me thinking. It also made me very motivated to work harder on completing my 101 goals. Life is too short. You never know when it might end. So you’d better make it a worthwhile journey.

The Makeover
(Seen on April 6, 2015)

Hannah Higgins tries to teach beer vendor Elliot Doolitle how to be as classy as she is, so he can run for Congress. She wanted to run for Congress herself, but she is not a likeable person. The people think she acts way too elite. Elliot is a common man, and the perfect man to execute Hannah’s ideas. At least so she thinks. Elliot has his own ideas.

I watched this movie because it starred one of my favorite actors: Julia Stiles. I don’t know what it is with her, I just love her. This wasn’t one of her best movies though. It was a bit cheesy and predictable and at some points unbelievable. But still I liked it. It’s a nice movie if you are looking for something simple with a feel-good touch. Don’t expect to be blown away though.

(Seen on April 12, 2015)

Young princess Aurora gets cursed by Maleficent, a very powerful fairy. Maleficent acts out of a grudge, because she has been betrayed by her former lover: King Stefan. According to the curse, Aurora will prick her finger on a spinning wheel on her sixteenth birthday, after which she will fall in a deep eternal sleep. What Maleficent hadn’t expected though, was that she would grow a lot of affection for Aurora while growing up, and that she regrets she has put such a strong and irreversible curse on her.

This movie is Sleeping Beauty in a new, modern form and seen from the eyes of the one who has cursed her. It’s a beautiful twist on the story we all know. It makes clear that good and evil aren’t so easy to distinguish sometimes. People are not always who they seem to be and even people who are good inside can commit evil acts when they’re acting out of pain.

I love fairy tales that are filmed as non-animated movies, especially when they are made as beautifully as this one. The world looked so awesome and real, the special effects were beautiful and the fact that Angelina Jolie played Maleficent only contributed to the quality. This is a must-see.

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog
(Seen on June 6, 2015)

A couple of months ago our theater group WOW-EFFECT was looking for a new project. We were debating on whether to write our own play again or use an existing one. One of our members came up with this movie, as it was written to be used as a short musical for theater groups. I had to watch it obviously.

Dr. Horrible is a man who wants to join the Evil League of Evil and has to commit a crime to get in. His attempts to commit a crime fail though, because he either gets distracted by his true love Penny, or because he’s been stopped by his arch enemy Captain Hammer. The League believes he had to prove himself even more and order him to kill someone to be able to join them. Dr. Horrible doubts whether he wants to go this far.

This movie is not to be taken seriously. It’s a parody on well… every story starring a hero basically. It’s so bad that it becomes good at the same time. This is funny but also a shame, because the story had great potential to be more psychological and deep. Some of the songs also had great potential, but most of them are really bad in my opinion. It fits a parody, but for a musical I had wanted to be touched more.

Maybe I was disappointed because I had hoped for so much more. After all, I wanted to see if this was something we could put up on stage with our theater group. I wanted to love this movie. And I thought it was very promising seeing Neil Patrick Harris (Barney Stinson in How I Met Your Mother) had the leading role. I love him! And on top of that I was told that this was an incredible movie. I just expected way too much of it. But if you don’t, then it’s a fun movie to kill some time, I guess. Because in retrospect, it is quite funny.

With these forgotten movies finally included, I have seen a total of 31 movies so far. I’m perfectly on schedule with this goal! Yay! Later this week I will also blog about my forgotten books and my forgotten plays, so i will be perfectly on schedule again. Stay tuned!

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