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Monthly Update November 2015

December 11, 2015

Whoops, it’s the 11th already? Almost half the month has past already? And I haven’t even told you yet how I’ve succeeded in my goals in November. Heck, I haven’t even written anything about that in November. But me disappearing off radar doesn’t mean I haven’t been working on my goals. I have been very busy actually!

I completed these two goals:

Goal no. 101: Attend a doggy dance workshop.

Rikku Doggy Dance
In the beginning of November, Rikku and I went dancing! I looked forward to this so much! How fun is it to dance with your puppy? Of course we didn’t actually dance on music yet, since this was our very first workshop. We focussed on learning new tricks. Actually it appeared Rikku knew some doggy dancing tricks already. I will write a more elaborate post about this day soon.

Goal no 7: Visit a professional photographer to shoot pictures of me for my website and social media.

Photo by Anni Galamini
Well, technically she visited me. But yes, I had my professional photo shoot! It was so awesome! I already have received a few of the photos. The above photo is one of them. Isn’t it amazing? I am still waiting on most other though. On top of that, she will come back to shoot some other pictures with props we didn’t have on that day. I can’t wait to have all the photos and use them on my websites! Of course I will also write an article about the shoot soon.

In the meanwhile, I also worked on some other goals.

No. 82: Go see 25 theater performances (professional or amateur). (18/25)
I proceeded well on this goal! I saw three theater performances in November! They were all finalists of The Play of Nijmegen, in which I also participated with my group. I will definitely write about this experience very soon.

No. 35: Own the diary ‘Q&A a day: a 5 year journal’ and write in it every day.

For some reason I catch myself forgetting to write in my Q&A sometimes. But when I do, I always get the book and fill in the forgotten days. So I am still up to speed!

No. 40: Lose 30 kg (66 lbs).
This is one of the few things I actually blogged about the past month. This goal is getting harder and harder. I actually gained weight instead of losing it, something that happened only once before since the start of my project. I hope I can get back on track again somehow. I was doing so well, I would hate to see me fail on this one.

No. 70: Read 25 novels.
In November I read Horns and The Rosie Project, which I still have to blog about. Both were books for the book club. It’s a really good thing I joined! It reminds me to actually read. My total of read novels would be twelve now. I am currently reading The Rosie Effect, which is not even a book club assignment. This goal is going well!

No. 68: Bake 3 different kinds of breads. (2/3)
I baked my second bread last month! Just one more to go!

Well, since we’re already halfway December, I might as well reveal some of the things I have been working on. I already completed two goals! I had a movie marathon (which also helped enormously on my movie watching goal) and I went to a musical. I will blog about both events soon. Seems I will be busy writing next week!

I am also currently busy writing a story for a writing contest. I have seen another theater performance as well and will visit another one tonight. I might have my first tourist trip to a foreign country this month as well, but I’m not entirely sure. I am planning on finishing my bread baking goal and doing some Pinterest project.

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  • Reply integratedexpat December 13, 2015 at 4:12 pm

    I only found your blog last week and love the idea of the goals. I hadn’t heard of the 5-year journal before, and guess what? This weekend I went into a gift shop looking for Christmas presents and what should I see but a 5-year journal, in Dutch. So I treated myself and now have to pretend to forget about so I’m surprised when I unwrap it on Christmas Day. I’m really looking forward to using it for some inspiration.

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