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Monthly Update June 2015

July 3, 2015

June was a very good month for accomplishing goals. I completed four of them! Most of them were in the relaxing department. I’m not complaining! Let’s see what they were.

No. 71: Play Video Games All Day Long.

Tanyas 101 ~ Monthly Update June 2015

After the incredibly busy month of May, when I was working really hard for the play, I thought I deserved a day of full relaxation. How to do that better than indulge myself in video games? It was something I had not done for years, I mean, not a whole day without worrying about stupid house chores or other responsibilities. I had expected to get bored at one point with one video game, so I assumed I would be playing a couple of different games. I ended up playing Final Fantasy X-2 only, though. I had a blast. I should do this sometime soon again.

No. 42: Don’t Eat Sweet or Salty Snacks and Sweet Desserts for a Month. Do this three times. (3/3)

Tanyas 101 ~ Monthly Update June 2015

In June, I completed the third month of this goal. So I have successfully refrained myself from eating unhealthy snacks for three entire months! Considering the binge eater I was before the start of my goals, this is a really great accomplishment. This was overcoming an addiction. I’m very proud of accomplishing this goal.

No. 89: Visit a Cave.
This might seem like a silly goal for some people, but imagine living in the Netherlands. There is flatland everywhere. No mountains, no palm trees, no water falls and the most exotic animal in most places is a bat. Nothing really fancy, our nature. But one thing we do have are some caves. And somehow caves intrigue me. It was just foolish I had never visited one before. But in June I did! Apparently our caves are actually ancient man-made stone mines, but it was still very interesting to be there. I still want to visit a natural cave once, but for now, my goal has been accomplished!

No. 85: Visit One of the Wadden Islands.

Tanyas 101 ~ Monthly Update June 2015

Another beautiful piece of nature we have in the Netherlands is the Wadden Sea, which I had also not seen before. In this sea, we have five islands people can visit. The biggest one is Texel, where I have been last month. I didn’t even plan this trip myself. A girl from my theater group suggested to go there with the group to perform there. She was born there and wanted to show the people on Texel what theater sports is. We had such a good time, with beautiful sunny weather, an excursion on the Wadden Sea, an afternoon on the beach and two nice performances. If you’ve missed the article, you can find it here.

Besides completing goals, I made some progress on a few other goals as well.

No. 86: Take a Photo Trip in Every Dutch Province. (2/12)

Tanyas 101 ~ Monthly Update June 2015

The cave trip was in Valkenburg, where Ruud and I took photos all day. So that means the province Limburg has been covered. In Texel, I took a lot of photos during the excursion mostly, but also on the beach. That means I can tick of the province North Holland as well. Holland consists of twelve provinces, so that means I have ten left to visit. Summer seems the perfect time to do this, so I just might have another update on this goal at the end of this month.

No. 33: Create an Alphabet Photo Series.

Tanyas 101 ~ Monthly Update June 2015

I totally forgot to mention this in my post about Texel, but while I was there, I found the perfect ‘A’ in our bedroom! I already had a letter ‘A’, as you might remember from my blog post about my first letter hunt, but it wasn’t all that pretty. So although this doesn’t mean I technically progressed on this goal, I definitely made some improvement there.

No. 40: Lose 30 kg (66 lbs). (8,5/30)
June had it’s ups and downs, but I ended up weighing less than the month before. I lost 8,5 kg (18,7 lbs) in total now (technically it’s even 8,6 kg (18,9 lbs)). In order to accomplish my goal in time, I’d have to lose 1 kg (2,2 lbs) per month, so I’m perfectly on schedule. Yay!

No. 36: Take a Selfie Every Month.

Tanyas 101 ~ Monthly Update June 2015

I was enjoying myself so much in Valkenburg, that I decided to take my monthly selfie there. It’s nice to have an outside selfie for once, isn’t it? Although I must say, I don’t like my June selfie as much as the other ones. Oh well, I cannot be the perfect model at all times, right? Just kidding. I think all in all my selfie collection is coming together really nice.

No. 78: Create a Playlist of 101 Songs I Love to Sing Along to.
I added a lot of songs to my list last month. It actually contains 117 songs now, but some of them are not really favorites of mine. I’ve added them a few month ago, because I thought I might not be able to find 101 songs I really, absolutely love. I did find them however, so now I need to make a selection of the songs I like best and end up with 101 songs in my list. That will probably happen this month, so I can present the list to you in one of my upcoming blog articles.

No. 68: Bake Three Different Kinds of Bread

Tanyas 101 ~ Monthly Update June 2015

I baked my first bread! Well, technically that’s not true. I did bake breads before, but that was years ago. Since the start of my Day Zero Project, this was the first one I baked. I also bought bread mixes for the remaining two, so I will bake them in the very near future. Doesn’t my first bread look yummie?

No. 5: Build a Company Website.
Last week I had an appointment with the person who’s building my website. We have discussed interface and color schemes. She’s working on it now and next week we’ll meet again to evaluate the process. In the meanwhile, I will start writing some actual content for the website. I’m so glad I hired someone for the stylish part of the website. I know she’s really good at this stuff. She will make me an awesome website! Oh, and since this blog serves as my portfolio, she agreed on changing the design of my blog as well. The two websites will probably going to have matching color schemes. I’m so excited!

No. 34: Own a ‘Wreck this Journal’ and Complete All the Tasks in the Book.

Tanyas 101 ~ Monthly Update June 2015

I don’t know what happened, but last month I suddenly felt the urge to do a lot of pages in my Wreck this Journal again. This is nice, because it has been laying around for a few months without me doing much with it. I also joined a couple of Wreck this Journal groups on Facebook, where people share their pages. This is very motivational. Looking at other people’s creations makes me want to progress in my own book even more. If you’ve missed my latest update on the journal, you can find it here.

That’s all for last month, guys. I think I’ve accomplished quite a lot. I should complete an average of three goals per month to meet my target of 101 in the end. In June I’ve completed four! So I really did a great job that month. Still, I should have accomplished twenty-four goals in total by now, but I only managed to complete fifteen. I’m nine goals behind. Gulp. Time flies! I will just have to work a little bit harder on my goals, so I won’t get too far behind. Let’s see if I’m able to at least complete another four goals this month. I will keep you updated!

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