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Monthly update February 2015

March 2, 2015

February struck me with illness, so unfortunately, I haven’t been able to accomplish a lot of goals. Yet I managed to work on some of them, so let’s have a look at my progress.

Goal nr. 77: Watch 101 movies
For starters, February was a very good movie month. I watched seven movies! I blogged about the first five here. The other two will also get an article soon, I promise. 16 down, 85 to go! Oh my… That doesn’t sound like I’m progressing too well, does it? But in my defense, I still have almost 2,5 years to go.

Goal nr. 70: Read 25 novels.
Being sick also gave me time to catch up with my reading. I finally start reading a series of books I’ve been wanting to read for years: Harry Potter.

Tanya's 101 ~ Fourth Month into the Day Zero Project (101 in 1001)

In the past, I had already read the first book and a part of the second one. But for some reason, I didn’t find (or rather make) time to keep on reading. So the moment I got I’ll and couldn’t use my voice because of the pain in my throat, I decided to take advantage of this. I wanted to be fully captured by the books, so I started at the very first book again. And today, I just finished the third book! It’s going well! When I’m able to pull my nose out of these books, I’ll write about them here.

Goal nr. 22: Learn basic Italian, then have a simple conversation with an Italian person.
When you’re feeling a bit sick, learning a new language is the perfect way to spend your time! Learning Italian made me feel more than just a useless couch potato. When my throat started to hurt too much, I decided to take a short break from my lessons, since I also have to pronounce the words. But I’m making really good progress!

Goal nr. 42: Don’t eat sweet or salty snacks and sweet desserts for a month. Do this three times.
I competed my first month of sweet and salty snack abstinence! I also started off my second month, but then I had to buy sweets to easy the pain in my throat. However, my throat is slowly getting better now, so I believe I will start over with the second month very soon now.

Goal nr. 40: Lose 30 kg (66 lbs).
Not eating sweets certainly helped me lose a bit of weight again this month, as did my daily walks. Still, it was a heavy month (yes, pun intended). Getting sick was one of the reasons, but the fact Ruud was sick and had a week off afterwards also didn’t help. You can read about my struggle in this article. Still, I managed to lose some weight! I lost 1 kg (2,2 lbs) in February. That’s a total weight loss of 6,8 kg (15 lbs) since the start of my diet 4 months ago!

Goal nr. 36: Take a selfie every month.

Tanya's 101 ~ Fourth Month into the Day Zero Project (101 in 1001)

Up until now, I really posed for my monthly selfies. I took dozens of photos every time and picked the most perfect one afterwards. But not this month. This month’s selfie was a snapshot, quickly taken during a happy moment with my dog. Looking at it made me so happy, that I figured no better selfie would come along this month.

Goal nr. 35: Own either the diary ‘One line a day’ or ‘Q&A a day: a 5 year journal’ and write in it every day.

Tanya's 101 ~ Fourth Month into the Day Zero Project (101 in 1001)

I haven’t missed a day! Well okay, except for February 29, but I’m not to blame for that.

Goal nr. 6: Write for at least 5 different clients.
This is the goal I am most proud of right now. Because I wrote a play! I wrote it for the international group Wow-effect, which means the whole play is in English. And the group is actually going to perform this in May in Lindenberg Theater, a well known theater in Nijmegen. This is a dream come true. I mean, a play! That’s something! I case you missed it: I proudly blogged about it here.

So even though my piggy bank had no bills to eat this month, and I was sick most of the time, I still managed to do a lot, considering! Of course I hope to actually complete some goals next month. So I’d better make a plan for when I’m feeling better!

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