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Mastering the Guitar ~ My First YouTube Guitar Cover

October 1, 2015

Two months ago I wrote about my very first guitar lesson. For my fifteenth or sixteenth birthday my sister had given me a guitar. It was one of the most special gifts I’ve ever got, including all my birthday gifts that followed. I was determined to learn how to play it. I figured I could do this on my own, with some lessons from a book and some tapes. I was wrong. My guitar ended up gathering dust for fifteen years. That’s half of my current life!

Something had to chance. If I ever wanted to master playing the guitar, I had to do something. So I started with creating a clear goal:

No. 16: Learn at least one song on the guitar and upload it on YouTube.

Making it a clear goal was advantageous for three reasons:

  1. It changed wanting to play the guitar ‘at one point in my life’ into wanting to play the guitar within 1001 days. That meant I had to start taking the first steps for real now! No excuses to crawl back anymore.
  2. The goal made my wish realistic and achievable. Just one song, how hard could that be? Playing the guitar doesn’t have to mean that I’d be able to play all songs available at once.
  3. The video part would make sure I would not give up to soon. I would not try and play ten songs at once with the result of mastering none of them. That would be demotivating. I would focus on one song in particular and see myself grow.

Dat ik je mis 3

And I did just that. The most important choice I made was actually getting some proper lessons. I just needed that bit of pressure not to give up. And it’s amazing how everything finally clicked when I saw someone performing the basic techniques. No book can live up to that. During my guitar lessons I learned a new song every time obviously, but this goal reminded me not to forget about the previous songs. I would keep playing them and chose one of them to perform on camera.

It was not hard to choose which one. During my second guitar lesson, my teacher taught me one of the most beautiful songs ever. It’s from Maaike Ouboter, a Dutch singer/songwriter. Every time I hear that song I get goosebumps all over and I start to cry. It meant the world to me to be able to play that song myself.

It’s a miracle what a song you love can do to your motivation. I could play this song for hours, without getting bored or frustrated or noticing the pain in my fingertips. The strumming even got me in a kind of meditative state.

Dat ik je mis 2

I love playing the guitar. I can’t believe I’ve stalled it for so many years. I will continue to learn more techniques, so I will actually be able to play a great variety of songs in the (near) future. But for accomplishing my goal, I just needed to master one song. And I can proudly say I do now!

Of course, the perfectionist inside me tells me I could master it even better, which is probably true. But I decided not to wait for ultimate perfection. I mean, is that ever going to happen? Probably not. Especially not with a camera stuffed in my face.

So I decided to record my song yesterday. Four years after my last musical upload, I finally uploaded a new song. 2TwistedTanya is back! And I’m determined to keep my YouTube channel alive this time!

Below you can check my video. Please let me know what you think in the comments. If this song made you excited to see more, please subscribe to my YouTube channel. It could only motivate me to upload my next video soon!

For all of you who don’t speak Dutch, I’ve translated the lyrics. You can find them below the video. I hope you enjoy the video!


Missing You

You kiss me, you soothe me
Embrace me, comfort me
You catch me, long for me
Endlessly unfrighten me
You call me, you hear me
You save and disturb me
Believe me, rob me
Smother and numb me

You breathe me and live me
Shudder and shiver me
Trust me, see me
As a person and keep me
From having evilish dreams
Which arise in my head
The lonesome questions
Of endless happiness

With your curls like the night
How you talk, how you smile
How your voice so close to me
Softens like an angel
In my dreams
Endless voids flow
You slow me down, you tame me
You stir and you move me

I miss you, I miss you
I catch you, I seize you
I want you, I play you
I stir and command you
To stay close to me
During dark nights
To long no longer
For you

Let me go
I have to proceed on my own now
And hold me close in my mind
When I need it
And I’ll look for you
In everything around me
And even though I sometimes think
That this is for the best
I can’t help
But missing you sometimes

Oh I suffocate you, froze you
Set you free and lost you
Away to a different place
But I hear you
Embrace you, warm you
I see and I feel you
I stroke you, caress you
I hug and fondle you

You mature me, understand me
Confuse and mislead me
I’m sometimes scared off
By how much I resemble you now
My smile, my tears
My love, my perception
I’m sorry for everything
Please help and set me free

Let me go
I‘m able to proceed on my own now
And hold me close in my mind
When I need it
And I’ll find you
In everything around me
And even though I sometimes think
That this is for the best
I can’t help
But missing you sometimes

I kiss you, I soothe you
I quench and extinguish you
You’ll stay really close to me
But in my head you’ll rest

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