Lose this weight!

November 3, 2014

If I’d say I’m massive, huge, or a cow, I know my friends and family would get mad and urge me to stay positive about myself. Okay, let’s state it in the most objective way then: I’m obese. That’s a blunt fact. My BMI is 37,3 and my weight is 111,5 kg (245,3 lbs). There. I said it. It’s out in the open now. And from now on I’ll never mention this as my weight again, because I’m going to lose it! This weight, I mean. Because besides the fact I don’t like the way I look, it also troubles me to have so many health risks. Blood clots, insuline pumps and heart attacks just don’t sound very appealing to me. I’ve tried to lose weight before, one time I succeeded actually! But only for a short time, and then I yo-yoed back into the obese scale. All the attempts after that failed terribly.

Tanya's 101 - "I'm going to lose 30 kilo! All by adapting to a healthier lifestyle."  But now I have 1001 days to do it! Okay, technically, I’ve got 996 days left. It still seems like a huge deal, losing 30 kg (66 lbs), but objectively, it’s the most healthy way of losing weight. I only have to lose about 1 kg (2.2 lbs) per month to reach my goal. Suddenly it doesn’t sound so hard anymore. Yet I know it will be. I know myself. I’m programmed to eat sugar. Especially when I’m emotional. And boy, do I get emotional! What can I say, I’m a sensitive girl. Okay, so I ‘just’ have to reprogram myself then. This does sound hard again, if not impossible.

But I’m determined to do this. I’m going to tackle this problem and become a healthy, good-looking woman. I just need a little push in the right direction from time to time. So that’s why I’m going to post regularly about my weight-losing progress. I know there will be moments of failure, but I won’t let them discourage me anymore. Each time it gets hard, I will pull myself together and start over. Here I go, my journey to 81,5 kg (179,3 lbs) begins today!

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  • Reply Sander November 3, 2014 at 5:37 pm

    Good luck Tanya! Perhaps as extra motivation, you could consider joining http://www.ru.nl/donders/proefpersonen/proefpersonen-info/dccn-running/eetgewoontes-en-het/ . And I guess next time we invite you for unlimited sushi, we’ll need to combine it with a three hour bike ride 🙂

  • Reply Diet or no diet? That’s the question. | Tanya's 101 December 2, 2014 at 2:53 pm

    […] he also told me I was doing a great job, even after eating some candy! As you may remember from my last post, my starting weight was 111,5 kg (245,3 lbs). Now, one month later, my weight has dropped to 108,2 […]

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