Selfie no. 4 – Just another me

January 26, 2015

Tanya's 101 ~ Selfie no. 4 ~ Just Another MeI was shocked to see January has almost come to an end already! I don’t know how this happened… I do know that means it’s time for a selfie, according to my list! In last month’s selfie post I promised you to show you how my bangs look without all the curls dancing around them.

So here it is! Just the regular straight-haired me. I must say, I had a hard time getting used to my bangs the first few days. But now I think they look cool. With bangs, I think my hair looks great just hanging down. That’s a first! I have always worn hair clips or flowers in my hair, because I thought without it, my hair would look sloppy.

Sometimes I miss the old me, with a big flower in the back of my hair and, you know… a forehead. But I can always grow it back sometimes. Maybe in summer. That’s more of a flower season anyway.

What do you think of my bangs?

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Tanya de Kruijff
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3 years 9 months ago

And why is it not your Fb-profile picture yet??

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