Hummus by green girls

January 14, 2015

After my blog articles yesterday and the day before, you probably expect my third movie update today. However, something very important has come in between. This definitely has to be discussed first. Yesterday, I completed my second goal! I made hummus!

Tanya's 101 - Delicious Hummus Recipe

If you have been a faithful follower of my blog lately, you might think now: ‘Wait a minute… Didn’t Tanya already wrote about homemade hummus in her Christmas article?’ I did. However, I didn’t make that hummus, Ruud did. Ruud always does. He is the hummus star. Because of that, it always seemed logical to let him make it. Everybody should use their talents, right?

Still, it felt so silly I didn’t know how to make this recipe. It’s not the hardest thing to do, it doesn’t consume a lot of time and it’s absolutely delicious. On top of that, I have discovered that by eating raw vegetables dipped in hummus as a snack, my craving for chocolates, sweets and potato chips tend to disappear! So you can understand now, why it was of the utter most importance that I’d learn to make this magical dip.

I didn’t just copy Ruud’s recipe thought. First of all, because he wasn’t at home when I decided to make it. Secondly, because he cheats and leaves the tahin (sesame paste) out of it. I love his recipe anyway, but come on! Sesame paste! If a recipe asks for it, it’s a crime not to use it! I did one other change of ingredients that I do regret though. I didn’t put Ruud’s magic ingredient in it: ras el hanout. That’s a mixture of Moroccan spices. I love it, I was planning on using it, but… We were out of it.

So I searched for a recipe on the internet with tahin and without ras el hanout and I found it here. It’s the blog of ‘De Groene Meisjes’, which can be translated as ‘The Green Girls’. These are two girls who blog very enthusiastically about fair trade products, eco friendly stuff and vegan dishes. Dutch readers: you can follow the link to read their recipe in Dutch. For my non-Dutch readers, I’ll translate the recipe below.

Recipe – Hummus
According to ‘De Groene Meisjes’

Tanya's 101 - Delicious Hummus Recipe

– A can of chickpeas (the original recipe states 400 g (14 oz), I used 350 g (12 oz))
– 2/3 of the fluid in the chickpea can
– A dash of olive oil
– 1 tablespoon tahin (sesame paste)
– 1 teaspoon cayennepepper
– 1 teaspoon paprika powder
– A pinch of salt and pepper
– 2 cloves of garlic (3 if you dare)
– Juice of half a lime (or lemon)

Mix all the ingredients until they are completely smooth. You can do this either with a blender or a food processor. That’s it! If you like, you can add a pointed sweet pepper before the blending as well. Just garnish it with some herbs and you’re done!

In the recipe, the Green Girls added a topping of red onion and cucumber. I didn’t do this, because I wanted to dip vegetables in the hummus instead of using it as toast spread.

Tanya's 101 - Delicious Hummus Recipe

Yesterday evening, Ruud and I watched a movie together. And instead of having a bowl of popcorn or bags of potato chips, we had the hummus and vegetables as a snack! I think this looks so much more festive. Why do we eat all the other fat stuff during movies, when we can also have this? It tasted really great as well. The hummus was so full of flavor, even though it consisted of just a few and simple ingredients! I only have one negative comment. I got an awful garlic breath. And believe me, I’m no garlic pussy. So I think I’ll try this again with just one clove of garlic. And I’d like to add the ras el hanout spices next time as well. But for now: mission accomplished!

I’m so happy that I finished another goal! This sure feels so much better than just progressing (and I can tell you, even that feels amazing). But I couldn’t celebrate this succeeded mission for too long, because as I was writing this blog article, the mailman send me something that helped me achieve yet another goal! You can read what it was in this post.

And tomorrow? I probably will postpone my third movie blog yet another day. Because when all goes well today, there will be another accomplished goal to blog about! Would you like to know which one? Then stay tuned! It’s raining goals, hallelujah!

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