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Day Zero Project ~ Monthly Update January 2016

February 8, 2016

With the first week of February already being over, it’s about time I give you a Day Zero Project update on my goal progress in January, don’t you think? I completed three goals last month. A bit less than I had wanted to, but still not a bad score.


No. 6: Write for at least 5 different clients.

I completed this goal without even noticing! I only noticed after finishing my job for my fifth client! I will write about this within a few days. So if you’d like to know what I have been writing for in the time of my Day Zero Project, keep your eye on my blog.

No. 74: Go unplugged for two days in a row: no cell phone, iPad, computer or TV.

Twinkly Tanya ~ Unplugged: No TV, Internet or Smartphone for Two Days | 101 in 1001

I finally had the courage to turn off all my devices and go back in time a few decades. These were the best two days I’d had in years! There’s an indescribable peace which came over me after turning everything off. I will definitely do this again!

No. 84: Go see a dance performance.

I wanted to see a dance performance of one choreographer in particular: Isabella Beernaert. She is quite famous in the Netherlands as a dance choreographer, so last year when I tried to get tickets it was already sold out. But this year, I got my hand on two of the last tickets! It was an amazing experience. I will write about it soon.

No. 93: Surprise someone on a random day with a homemade cake.

Twinkly Tanya ~ Monthly Update January 2016 | Day Zero Project | 101 in 1001 | Goals

This was a goal I hadn’t expect on doing last month. It was quite an impulsive act, in which I tried to create a smile on my friend’s face on a difficult day for her. And although things didn’t turn out exactly as planned at first, the cake was baked and the smile was delivered! I will write about my cake baking adventure within the next few days.

Sorry that I haven’t blogged on so many of my accomplished goals yet. I have been quite occupied. But I will still write about them, and it will be soon, I promise!


No. 73: Finish six computer games.

I finished my first computer game last month! It was Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4. I will write a review about the game soon. Spoiler alert: I loved it! Ruud and I have continued immediately with the follow-up: Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7. We have arrived at year 7 a few days ago, so I might just finish my second game this month. I am also near the end of Final Fantasy X-2, so soon I will have accomplished 50% of this goal.


No. 35: Own the diary ‘Q&A a day: a 5 year journal’ and write in it every day.

I started this journal on January 1st, 2015. So that means I get to write on the second line now! Last month was the first month I got to compare answers to my past self. I haven’t changed much up until now, but still it has been fun reading both answers. Especially since I do not read the ones from last year until after I’ve answered them again. Sometimes it’s just freaky how much the answers are alike.

No. 36: Take a selfie every month.

Twinkly Tanya ~ Monthly Update January 2016 | Day Zero Project | 101 in 1001 | Goals

I am still faithfully taking my monthly selfies. In January I took a nerdy one. I have build quite the collection now!

No. 40: Lose 30 kg (66 lbs).

I have not lost any pounds last month, but gained a few instead. It was so demotivating, as I am almost back to my original weight at the moment. Giving up has even been on my mind a few times. However, a few things happened last more than that gave me back a little sparkle of hope. I hope that will be enough to get back on the right path again from now on.



Did you know I am almost halfway of my project already? March 13th will be the day. It is going so fast! I can hardly believe it. It seems like I’ve started just a few months ago. I am a little behind on my goals, so I’d like to try and complete as many goals as possible before March 13th. It would be nice to have accomplished at least 40 by then (currently my score is 34).


I originally had planned on finishing my company website by now, but the time I had reserved for that got used up by writing a website for someone else. This has been very valuable, both in building my portfolio as a writer and completing my goal of five clients. But it means I will need some more time to write my own website. I hope to finish that at the end of this month! Business cards will follow shortly after! Probably not before the 13th, though.


Twinkly Tanya ~ Monthly Update January 2016 | Day Zero Project | 101 in 1001 | Goals

I will do a brain game with each of my dogs every day this month. I feel like I should challenge them more, so this is the perfect goal to accomplish this month!

Work out

If I’ll start this week, I will be able to finish my goal of exercising half an hour five times a week for a month. Since I have really disappointed myself on my weight loss goal last month, this seems a good a time as any to tackle this goal. I just don’t quite know what to do. I still don’t have a dancing mat and the weather outside is horrible at the moment. I will try to find a dancing mat this week. If that fails, I will see if I can come up with an alternative plan. But I really should start working out! Any suggestions are highly appreciated.

Foods & friends

The high tea was originally planned for this month, but it seems that we will have to stall it to next month. Maybe I could bake macaroons though. Doesn’t work too well with my diet, but I should do it at some point anyway. And it will be fun and yummy! I also plan on finishing my bread baking goal. I have the perfect bread in mind already!

Home improvements

I am planning on finishing at least one home improvement project. It will be tough, because they all require some time, of which I have not much left this month with all my weekends booked, but I will at least try. Finishing the wardrobe is on top of my list, but if that will be too big a project for now I might make pallet art instead. I would also really like to finally paint the stairs and the banisters. I do not have banisters for over three years now! Isn’t that the silliest thing? If I will succeed will also depend on my ability to buy the required paint though. I will try to make it work.



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