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Daily Fruit Intake 2: Deprogramming my Brain

September 10, 2015

What is it with me and eating fruit? I keep forgetting it! It’s like I don’t remember fruit exists sometimes. You might remember I had this goal:

No. 41: Eat two portions of fruit everyday for a month. Do this three times.

Easy peasy, right? At least, you would think so. But my first month has already been five months ago. I have tried to complete my second month ever since, but somehow I never managed. I can eat fruit for a couple of days in a row and then completely forget we have it. It’s not that I don’t like it, I do. I just make different choices apparently. It’s how I’m programmed. And deprogramming myself turned up to be quite hard.

Fruit (a)

But I managed! Yes, yesterday I completed my second month of eating two portions of fruit each day! I tried to incorporate fruit as much as I could into my meals. I made banana pancakes, goat’s cheese and apple on toast or smoothie for breakfast a lot of the times. Or I would have stuffed avocado (which is a fruit!) for lunch. So the first piece of fruit was already taken care of.

The second piece of fruit was a bit harder though. I had to remind myself to eat fruit in between and sometimes I forgot. I mean, hobbies are just not connected with apples in my head… All my life I was programmed to eat chips or chocolate while gaming or watching a movie. But slowly that started to change. 


I had a checklist in my agenda, so in the evening I would notice that I had forgotten to eat my second portion of fruit. There were times where I got out of bed and walked downstairs to eat it after all. I wanted so succeed so badly! I want to get fruit into my system! Well, this strategy worked. I haven’t had to get out of bed for my daily fruit intake for a few weeks now. Hurray for checklists! 

I also discovered banana bread, which is grain-free and super awesome. It tastes like food I should feel guilty about, except it’s not. It’s perfect! And Ruud happens to love baking it, so I’ve been surprised with freshly baked banana bread a couple of times lately. Yum!

I only have one month left to go now. Of course I don’t want to stop eating fruit after that month. I just hope by then it will be so integrated into my system that I will just grab some fruit every day without thinking about it. This means that if everything goes well, next month I can check this goal off my list!

If you know any fruity recipes I could try, please let me know in the comments. It might just help completing my goal a bit more easier!

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