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    Surprise a Friend with a Homemade Cake

    February 10, 2016
    Twinkly Tanya ~ Surprise Someone with a Homemade Cake | 101 in 1001 | Day Zero Project | Baking

    I love baking and I love surprising people. So I figured it would be perfect to combine the two into this goal:

    No. 93: Surprise someone on a random day with a homemade cake.

    I didn’t quite know who would be my ‘victim’ though, or when would be the best time to do it. I mean, how would you know if someone is home, or is even appreciating you dropping by without any message? Of course I could just bring a cake on a day I would meet a friend anyways, but that didn’t seem quite as fun as just dropping by unexpectedly and handing over a cake. I decided not to think about this too much and wait for the right time. Last week, that right time had come.

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