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    Cut the Clutter ~ 4 Areas Decluttered

    March 25, 2016
    Twinkly Tanya ~ Cut The Clutter

    Do you remember me starting the declutter challenge Cut the Clutter a while ago? I was so sick of all the clutter surrounding me. I had the feeling I could never find real peace anywhere in my home. It looked like I had just moved in a week ago, but at the same time as if the house hadn’t been tidied up for over ten years. Sounds a bit contradictory perhaps, but I’ve got all the before photos which show exactly what I mean.

    Cut the Clutter is a challenge created by Chrissy Halton from Organise My House. She promises a clutter-free house in 20 weeks if you follow her steps. Every week you’ll be decluttering one room (or one big task, such as organizing your paperwork). Every week is divided in little sub-tasks per day. This way Chrissy brings back the overview that is lost so easily when you want to get rid of the Clutter in your home.

    I promised you to give you an update every four weeks. If you’ve paid close attention, you might have noticed my first post was not four weeks ago, but six. Yet I am four weeks into the challenge right now. One reason is that the challenge has changed a bit, which I will tell you about in a second. Aside from that, I’ve had a few difficulties with the decluttering itself as well as my blog. I didn’t let a few setbacks get me down though, so here I am with my first update!

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