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    Be a writer

    Write for 5 Different Clients: Check!

    February 16, 2016
    Twinkly Tanya ~ Write for 5 Different Clients: Check! | My journey to becoming a writer

    When I created my list of 101 goals, I was in the middle of doing my first job as a writer. It was a dream coming true. But I knew that after this first assignment, which kinda had miraculously presented itself to me, I would had to do some hard work finding other clients. I had to make myself known as a writer and I had to be able to prove that I can actually write. I was determined though. Know that I had experienced the wonderful world of being a writer, I never wanted to do anything but that anymore. So I created this goal:

    No. 6: Write for at least 5 different clients.

    Even if this first client would have tons of work for me, I still wanted to find at least four others. You never know when a client doesn’t need you anymore and at that time, you need to be prepared. Others need to know you as well.

    It was not easy. Clients are not just standing in line, waiting for me to present myself. And I do not have an education that proves I can write. So I just started writing everyday. Blog articles, scenes for my theater group, short stories, everything I could think of. And it paid of. In January, I had my fifth client.

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