Movies 1-3: About LEGO, Love and Aliens

January 12, 2015

I love watching movies. Yet I can barely ever remember when I’ve seen the last one. I’ve got two reasons for that. First of all, a movie requires at least 1,5 hours of time you plan just for yourself. Not for others, not for doing useful things, that time is just for you. I’m really bad at that. Second of all, most movies require a certain amount of energy. I hear you laughing! Movies just require a comfortable couch, a bowl of popcorn and a table to put your feet up, right? Still, if you’re fatigued all the time, you come to realize that it takes a certain amount of concentration as well. And that has not been one of my best traits the past few years.

Still, I miss it. I miss just lying on the couch, not thinking about anything, just living in the moment and surrender myself to a world of fiction. So I decided to watch 101 movies in my 1001 days. That’s 1 movie every 10 days, that shouldn’t be too difficult, right? I have to say, for the first movies, I had to force myself a bit. If it weren’t for my goal, I probably wouldn’t have watched them. I’d have chosen something ‘more useful’ to do, probably. But I’m glad I did watch them. After all, relaxation is useful as well!

Are you curious about which movies I’ve seen so far and what I thought about them? This week, I will tell you all about them. For the sake of length, I will write three articles about the ones I watched the past few months. I mean, you all have lives, right? Today, I’ll take you back to November 2014, which is when I watched the first three movies.

The LEGO Movie
(seen on 05-11-2014)

I decided to start off easy. I wanted a simple story, one that didn’t require too much concentration and a movie that is just fun to watch. So animation is the way to go! It happens to be one of my favorite movie genres. And be honest, what’s not to like about LEGO?

I expected to see a light hearted, fun story with action elements in it. And for the biggest part, that was exactly what it was. What surprised me though, was the unexpectedly well built story and the amazing plot twist. I even got emotional in the end. Okay, I tend to get emotional really soon when watching a movie, but with LEGO? Come on… That’s not just me, that must be some amazing movie magic! A brilliant feature of the movie is the profession of the main character. He is a… builder! Yes, the little LEGO man actually builds with LEGO blocks! How epic is that? All So, if you haven’t seen this movie yet, please cease your reading immediately and watch it. Yes, now! Just a tiny warning, the song ‘Everything is awesome’ will be stuck in your head forever.

Love Actually
(seen on 11-11-2014)

‘The ultimate romantic comedy’ it says on the poster on IMDB. And that was exactly what I expected from a title and a cast like this (Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Keira Knightley). On top of it all, it’s all about love stories around Christmas time. I was ready for some nice clichés, a tear on my cheek once in a while and a warm fuzzy feeling at the end.

Unfortunately it wasn’t much like that. My brain started to work overtime when it had to process 8 (!) different stories! That was way too much for me to handle in 135 minutes. I would have been a great concept, if the stories actually merged in the end, but they did only very faintly.

What I did like though, was that the fact that the stories were not all happily ever after fairytales. There were way to many terrible farfetched clichés though. I mean, learning a foreign language perfectly in just a couple of weeks, all because of love? Come on. Nope, wouldn’t recommend this one.

Men In Black
(seen on 18-11-2014)

Okay, so I hadn’t seen Men in Black yet. I know, it’s a terrible crime. But the good news is: now I did! I was looking forward to this movie. I mean, Will Smith in his early days! That’s a recipe for fun! At least, so I thought. Okay, I laughed a lot, but I wasn’t overwhelmed. And I was quite disappointed by the storyline. Summarized, this was the story:

Mysterious cop: ‘You can shoot aliens with me, but in order to do that, you have to give up your entire life and identity.’
Guy: ‘Oh ok! That sounds like a great idea!’

I’m sorry, I would have thought a person at least has to think about this. Oh wait, but he did. For one night!

I’m still curious about the sequels though. I will make sure I’ll watch them whenever I just simply want to kill some time.

If you’re curious what else I’ve seen, just keep an eye on my blog this week. Have you also watched these movies? What do you think of them?

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