Movies 10-14: A Story About Toys and Minions

February 17, 2015

Last week was a week full of movies! I’ve watched five, which brings my total to fourteen. That’s 14% of my goal accomplished!

Toy Story 2
(seen on 10-02-2015)

In my last movie update I wrote about Toy Story, which I really really loved. So I couldn’t wait to see the sequels! This Tuesday, Ruud and I watched the first one: Toy Story 2. I’m always a bit scared to watch sequels. What if it isn’t as good as the first one? What if they just made this sequel to earn lots of easy money? With Toy Story 2 though, this wasn’t the case. Pixar put just as much thought into the story as in the first movie. And some very cool new characters were introduced. The horse Bull’s Eye for example, omg, so unbelievably cute!

Toy Story 3
(seen on 14-02-2015)

Now that Ruud and I had seen the first two Toy Story movies, we were completely hooked. We had to see the third one! So on the day the entire world was watching romantic movies by candlelight, we signed up for another night of watching toys. This sequel was made eleven years after the second Toy Story movie (and 15 years after the first!) and it showed! The fantasy world of Andy at the beginning of the movie was amazing! And the kindergarten was so beautifully animated, with so many action going on at the same time. But probably the most stunning were the ‘special effects’ used in the furnace. If this movie would have followed Toy Story 2 immediately, it could never have turned out so beautifully. I’m glad they waited. And it also makes me very curious about Toy Story 4! It’s such a shame it’s not going to be in the movie theaters until June 2017.

But of course, the animation techniques are not the most important thing of a movie. It’s the story and your connection to the characters! This is something Leonard perfectly described to Penny in this episode of the Big Bang Theory:

Leonard: ‘I am not a cry baby.’
Penny: ‘Toy Story 3?’
Leonard: ‘The toys were holding hands in a furnace!’

I must say, I am with Leonard on this one. Yes, I cried. At the very moment Leonard described. Yes, I now it’s an animation movie. I blame Disney and Pixar. I blame them for portraying such real emotions in their characters, that crying simply is inevitable. I blame them, and I love them for that.

On February 15, Ruud and I decided to stay in and have a mini movie marathon. The three movies were all animated. You must have figured out my favorite genre by now!

Despicable Me
(seen on 15-02-2015)

‘Please, let us be your minions!’ my friend Maria begged me when trying to come up with a term which would describe her help on our theater project. This is how we came to discuss the movie Despicable Me and how despicable it was that Ruud and I hadn’t seen it yet. So this Sunday, we decided it was time. We had to know what these minions were all about. And yes, they are cute. They are such super funny little creatures! But not only them, but the whole movie was hilarious! It’s so nice the bad guy is the star of the movie for once. What I found the most remarkable though: the story was completely predictable from the beginning until the end, yet I didn’t get bored for one second!

Despicable Me 2
(seen on 15-02-2015)

We enjoyed Despicable Me so much, that we couldn’t wait to see the sequel! So we didn’t. We watched it immediately! And I must say, it was as brilliant as the first. Even though Gru had softened up a bit, his remarks and ways of doing things were as hilarious as ever. And the new characters really were a cool addition to the movie. It was also very funny to see the three kids turning out to be very cute little badasses. I’m so glad Despicable Me 3 is in making! Movie theaters will earn good money on me in 2017!

Wreck-it Ralph
(seen on 15-02-2015

After the Despicable Me movies, we were in for another movie. We thought it would fit best to watch something of the same genre and the same animation style. We chose Wreck-it Ralph. Ralph is a computer game villain who wants to be the star of the game for once. Ruud and I both love gaming, so we thought this would be the perfect movie for us nerds. I mean, we even saw Bowser and Sonic in the movie trailer! It also received a lot of stars on IMDB. So we expected a lot.

But to be honest, this movie was a big disappointment. Bowser and Sonic only appeared a for a few minutes, which wouldn’t be such a big deal if the main characters would have been cool. But the objective of Ralph was fairly childish: ‘I want to earn a medal because I want to eat cake in a penthouse’. I mean, really? The only really funny jokes were stuff I had already seen in the trailer. What was left, were some jokes about poo. The only thing I liked, is the way the characters traveled through the arcade machines, the fact that various game genres mixed and the way they portrayed ‘The Glitch’. I think I even would have liked the movie better if I had not just seen two brilliant other movies right beforehand. But I did. So no, I wouldn’t recommend this one. Unless you have kids, they would probably adore it.

If you have also seen one of these movies, I would be glad to know what you thought of them!

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