A special letter

January 14, 2015

Just as I was writing this blog article about my accomplished hummus goal, the mailman came. That’s not special on its own, except that he helped me finish another goal! He dropped a very special letter in my mailbox: the confirmation of my funeral insurance! Yay!

Tanya's 101 ~Getting a Funeral Insurance

It feels a bit weird to be all thrilled about getting a letter that tells me to pay for my casket. But this really was something I had to do for years now and I’m so relieved that it’s finally done. When I turned 18, I got all these letters from insurance companies telling me why they where the best choice for my funeral insurance. I was like: ‘Yeah, I really should look into that and choose one’. And I did. Look into it I mean. Choosing one was a whole other thing. I mean, how could I possibly decide how much my coffin should cost and whether I’d want to serve bread or just coffee after I’ve died? I thought this was an impossible thing to do. So I stalled it. And stalled it. And stalled it some more. Until I was 30 years old.

Then you lose people. You come to realize how much a funeral costs when somebody doesn’t have an insurance. And you notice that’s the last thing you want to be worrying about when you’ve just lost someone close to you. I didn’t want to do that to my relatives. I wanted them to be able to plan my funeral without them having to worry about the costs. When someone dies, there’s plenty to worry about already, right? So I put this as a goal on my list.

And as you may have read last month in my monthly update, I applied for a funeral insurance in December. It still was a hard decision, with all these options to choose from. But suddenly it hit me. I don’t think it’s important to lie in a colonial casket with a big bouquet of expensive flowers and everyone getting club sandwiches afterwards. But what if those left behind do? They should be able to choose these options, if that would help them get closure, right? So I stopped worrying about what I thought was the right funeral and just chose a package that covers all the basics, but also gives my relatives a certain amount of cash to spend on whatever they’d prefer.

And today I got the confirmation letter! I know, it’s not the real policy yet, but I think this counts! In a few weeks I’ll get the actual policy, which I will going to put away until somebody needs it. Hopefully in a very long long time.

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