A Package for a Friend

May 21, 2015

For some reason, I hadn’t completed any goal yet in the ‘connect with other people’ department. Since I’m not planning on becoming a hermit anytime soon, I decided it was time I just picked one of those goals to accomplish. Since the weather doesn’t allow me to go on a picnic or host a barbecue — I’m living in a country with three nice summer days per year and clouds pissing on me on the remaining days — those were out of the question. Maybe next month. But one goal was really easy to accomplish and it even was one of my favorite goals when I created my list (I get the feeling I’m saying that about every goal lately. Well, what can I say? I just love my list!).

No. 95 – Send a surprise package I assembled myself to someone I care about on a random day.

Tanya's 101 ~ A Package for a Friend | Because it's nice to get surprises in your mail, isn't it?

When I was about 15 years old, a friend of mine got a package from a friend. I don’t even remember anymore if it was for her birthday or just because, but I just loved the idea of getting a package in the mail! I mean, getting a letter was already a special thing for me, getting a package just seemed alien (in a good way). I wanted to do this for someone some day, but for some reason I never did. It just seemed too much of a hassle, I guess. But now it was time. (Fun fact: The friend I chose to send the package to is the same friend that got the package 15 years ago.)

To be honest, I started with this goal back in December. My very good friend Jau Jau had told me about the difficulties she and her boyfriend experienced with the construction of their new house. I felt bad for them. A house should feel like a home, not like a burden.

It was then when it became clear to me that I wanted to cheer them up a bit. I wanted to buy a lot of homey stuff for them so they would be able to start looking forward to move into their new home.

Tanya's 101 ~ A Package for a Friend | Because it's nice to get surprises in your mail, isn't it?

In December though, it’s incredibly difficult to find home decoration in any store! People, whatever you do, don’t move in December. You will only be able to decorate your new home Christmas style, which is nice, but not very appealing on the long run. I found two or three things, but not nearly enough to fill a whole package.

Then there’s the restriction of the weight. It would have been nice to fill the package with candles (which by the way, the stores in December were filled with), but I would have had to apply for a second job to be able to afford to send the package (assuming I had a job already in the first place). Light stuff it is. But that also not very easy to find.

The last few months I got very busy with my play and the package was kind of forgotten. At one point I started gathering stuff again and I actually collected enough items. I even went to the post office to send it… but they were closed. The second time I went they were closed again. Then I lost the card I had bought to send with it. The store didn’t have the same card anymore. And I really wanted to send this particular card, because it was Jau Jau’s favorite shade of blue. After a few weeks, I found the card back, but then the road to the post office was blocked because of construction. Isn’t this starting to sound like a very badly written movie plot? I mean, really, who comes up with all of this? I was beginning to think it wasn’t meant to be for me to send this package.

I got a little depressed and let the box stand in the hallway for some time. Then, last week, I was randomly walking in a store and found a perfect box to send all the stuff in. Up until now, I had been storing it in a dull, brown cardboard box. But why should I send an awesome package in such a boring box?

Tanya's 101 ~ A Package for a Friend | Because it's nice to get surprises in your mail, isn't it?

Now I knew why I was sabotaged all this time. I didn’t think twice, bought the pretty pink box and put all the stuff in it. I love how it turned out! Tuesday I sent the package, just like that, easy peasy! It felt great to finally have accomplished this goal. It seemed such an easy one, but I met so many obstacles on my way. It doesn’t matter anymore though, because it was completely worth it. Yesterday Jau Jau got the package and she told me she was very surprised and happy with it.

Goal accomplished! Have you ever sent a special package to someone, or maybe received one yourself?

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