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101 Things I Like About Me ~ A Journey to Positivity

December 6, 2015

I am not the most self-loving person. I tend to look at my failures rather than my successes. I know I’m not the only one. It seems to be human nature. But why? What’s the purpose of shining in negativity? It doesn’t make me feel good. It makes me sad, depressed, less confident. It demotivates enormously.

I want to break free of this pattern. I want to be able to see myself as the unique person I am. I want to embrace my quirks, celebrate the things that make me ME.

A while ago I stumbled upon this method to write down 100 things you like about yourself. A girl was asked to do this as a form of therapy. I have no clue who has thought of this (if you do know, please enlighten me, as so I can give them proper credits), but it seemed like a perfect thing to do. It also seemed impossible. 100 things are a lot, especially when they’re supposed to be positive things about yourself.

Yet I was determined to fulfill this task. I even turned it into 101 things, to fit my 101 goals. The first ten things were easy. I didn’t even have to think about them. The next ten were a bit harder, but still doable. Then it got hard. After finally coming up with thirty things, I had no clue what else to like about me. I put away the list and ‘forgot’ about it for a few months.

A few weeks ago I told myself to finish the list in November. No more excuses. This list would be top priority. I planned to work on the list every day, even if I’d only add just one thing. It helped. Within a few days I finished the list. Somehow I really did find 101 things I like about myself! Who would have thought? Mission impossible turned out to be possible after all. It felt awesome. It’s such a great feeling looking at the positiveness of your own existence. It made me value myself a lot more than before. I am worthy.

Sometimes it’s hard to stay positive. I still tend to overwhelm myself in gloominess sometimes. But at least now I have something I can read, that reminds me of the other side. The positive side. The side that strengthens me, encourages me and motivates me. The side that loves me for who I am. The side that should not be neglected. Ever.

Below I will share my list. In a way it feels a bit arrogant sharing 101 things I like about me. But at the same time I wonder why it should feel that way. It’s a good thing to feel positive about ourselves, right? If more people would appreciate themselves a bit more, there would be so much more happiness in the world. I hope my list inspires you. Maybe to make your own list, or maybe you’ll recognize something that applies to you as well and it will strengthen you.

So, in the order of which these things came to my mind, I present you:


101 Things (1a)

  1. I am a nerd. I like learning, reading, playing video games in a comfy sweater. And I’m proud of it.
  2. I have a hunger for knowledge. I have always wanted to know why things are the way they are. I love studying and filling my brain with knowledge.
  3. I like discovering new things. I want to see the world, try out new hobbies, develop new skills. It makes my world full.
  4. Animals are my world. I can’t imagine my life without animals. If my animals get sick, I’d do anything to save them. I don’t give up easily and because of that, I have extended the lives of my bunny Luna and my cat Jimmy with a few years. If I see an animal in need, I do my best to save him.
  5. I understand animals. I know we speak different languages, but that doesn’t hold me back. I understand what they are trying to tell me. This has been exceptionally useful with damaged animals. I have helped three damaged animals now getting their trust back in humans. It’s one of the most rewarding things imaginable.
  6. I embrace my inner child. I have never completely grown up and I hope I never will. I still enjoy playing video games, watching animated movies or completing a coloring page. I enjoy being silly from time to time, instead of being a serious adult all the time. But maybe more importantly, I have accepted that my inner child gives me certain anxieties and character traits. By knowing and embracing it’s my inner child causing these things, the adult me can overcome them and handle situations better.
  7. I follow my dreams. Don’t dream your life, live your dream. That’s my motto.
  8. I set clear goals for myself. Of course there’s the list of 101 goals on this blog. But I do more than that. I try to divide these goals into smaller subgoals. I schedule certain checkpoints, moment where I want to have achieved a certain percentage of specific goals. I also set goals for each following day every night before I go to sleep. These can be big goals from my list, but also smaller goals, such as doing laundry. Setting these goals helps me focus during the day and see past my energy problems.
  9. I like my eyes. I like their shape and their size and their long lashes. And I believe they really sparkle when I’m happy.
  10. I have a beautiful singing voice. I can touch people when I sing, which I believe is an awesome gift. And singing soothes me and lifts me up when I’m down.
  11. I can express myself in writing. Both personally and professionally. Personally it helps me getting things of my chest and feel better afterwards. It also helps me build a blog audience, which is nice. Because, why blog if no-one bothers to read it? Professionally it resulted in having written plays, video scripts and subtitles already. And who knows what it might lead to in the future. My dream is combining the two and write novels. Hey, didn’t I just say I follow my dreams?
  12. I can spell properly and use correct grammar. Yep, grammar nazi here, and I’m proud of it!
  13. When I listen, I really listen. When I ask you how you are, I actually want to know how you are. When you share you’re feelings and thought with me, I care.
  14. I have lots of different interests. Too many, perhaps, because there are not enough hours in a day to be able to do all the things I love. But I’d rather have that, than sitting around all day being bored. I know people who don’t have any hobbies. In their spare time they just mindlessly sit in front of their TV, waiting for the day to pass. That seems horrible to me. I’d rather not be able to do all the stuff I love, than to have nothing to do.
  15. I am creative. I love crafting and I’m good at it. I do small things, such as keeping art journals and smash books or making cards and pocket letters. But I also do big things, such as refurbishing my furniture or designing rooms. I love it all.
  16. I am musical. I sing, I play the piano and since a few months I also play the guitar. When I hear a song I can figure out how to sing in harmony with it. Someone handed his ocarina to me a few months ago to try it out and I could instantly play Epona’s Song from Zelda, Ocarina of Time, even though I hadn’t heard the song in 15 years and the only flute I ever played was when I was 6 years old. That made me proud.
  17. I can think outside the box. That’s nice, because there’s so much more outside the box than inside.
  18. My waistline. I may be obese, but the thing I never lost was my waistline. I’m eternally grateful for that.
  19. I am sensitive. I cry easily when watching a movie or reading a book. I feel my emotions strongly, the good and the bad. I also tend to sense other people’s emotions, especially when I’m close to them. It may not always be easy, but it definitely prevents me from being shallow.
  20. My cooking and baking skills. I especially love that I can bake yummie cakes. Unfortunately I don’t get to do it so often, because it’s not the healthiest thing to serve. But cooking is nice too! Especially making awesome things like sushi.
  21. I have a vivid imagination. This helps me to write stories, plays and to improvise on stage. But it also help me to I vision my dreams happening, which can be a great motivator!
  22. I am thoughtful. I send cards to people, surprise friends with little gifts sometimes. I try to make birthday gifts personal. If only I wasn’t so forgetful, I could be thoughtful more often.
  23. Giving up is not in my vocabulary, looking for alternative ways is.
  24. I am intelligent.
  25. I am good at pondering. Which is not always convenient, as I get easily distracted because of it. And sometimes things just have to get done. But I like pondering. It gets me thinking about life, about what I want. It creates dreams.
  26. I can give good advice. I don’t just blurt out the first advice that comes to mind. I try to find out what the other person actually needs first.
  27. Despite my weight, I know how to dress myself elegantly. I don’t have to wear oversized, boring t-shirts which stretch to my knees, just because I’m fat. But I also don’t want to be a sausage. I wear dresses, feminine, with a waistline. They show the right things and cover the rest. Like every piece of clothing should, right?
  28. I am honest. Why would I lie? I would feel very guilty and it would make the other person hurt in the end.
  29. I keep working on myself as a person. I want to keep improving myself.
  30. I have soft skin. Hurray!
  31. I always pamper my guests with homemade snacks. Since I’m chronically fatigued, they’re currently usually just snacks though, not so much homemade. Although I try to when I can. Pampering is fun. It creates smiles.
  32. I can completely lose myself in a good book or video game. That’s one of the best things ever… Finding yourself completely in another world. Nothing else exists.
  33. I try to enjoy small things, like the smell of freshly mown grass or hearing fresh snow crack under my feet. It’s not always the big things that matter. Small things can create instant moments of happiness. Wouldn’t want to miss those.
  34. I am never rude. Never? Hmm… At least not intentionally.
  35. I can have the best time being alone. Love my me time!
  36. I can be fun or have a good time without drinking a drop of alcohol.
  37. I don’t let obstacles stand in my way; I find a way to overcome them. Which is super hard at times, but I think it’s the only way.
  38. I am not a picky eater. In fact, I love trying out new foods and I like most things I try.
  39. I’m open-minded. I try not to have prejudices. And if I do have them, I would very much like others to try and take them away.
  40. I am good with children. This means the world to me, since I didn’t have the greatest examples when I was a kid myself.
  41. I upcycle furniture. I like that for two reasons. 1. I am saving furniture from destruction. 2. I create furniture exactly to my own taste! 3. I’m good at it. hey, look at that. Three reasons!
  42. I am good at decorating rooms. That’s convenient when moving somewhere new! And I’ve been ask to help decorate friend in the past, which made me feel honored.
  43. I make ethic and morally correct decisions. Seems like the normal thing to do, really. But I know not everyone seems to be living their lives this way.
  44. I try to learn from my mistakes (which also involves admitting I make mistakes).
  45. I have worked on overcoming the past instead of letting the past rule my world (and I still am).
  46. I have learned how to hug people. This is a huge win for me as physical contact used to make me feel awkward in the past.
  47. I like my boobs. They’re big, round and quite perky for my age. Hurray!
  48. I am able to use logic. It makes the world far more comprehensible at times.
  49. I love that I am a rational thinker and a dreamer at the same time. I try to combine these two traits into setting realistic goals for myself.
  50. I am proud of my devotion to the Day Zero Project. It shows commitment, determination and passion. And it gives my life so much more purpose than before.
  51. I love my joy of giving. I feel great when I assemble a package for one of my pen pals or when I see one of my friends unpack a present I gave them. It’s so nice to make people’s day a little bit brighter!
  52. I feel very comfortable having my own opinions about things. Peer pressure? What’s that’s? Oh right, that nasty weight that pressed on me when I was younger.
  53. Secrets are safe with me. I have no joy in gossiping. Why would I enjoy making other people miserable?
  54. I try to make normal things special. My presents usually come with a bow on them, I embellish my envelopes with doodles or stickers and when its snack time I like to arrange my chocolates in a pretty way on a pretty plate.
  55. I am learning to take better care of myself and I am improving every day. With the occasional fallback of course, but that’s part of growth, isn’t it?
  56. I am no TV robot (I hardly ever watch TV). I don’t even know which TV-programs are running at the moment.
  57. I don’t watch the news, because it gets to me too much. I’d rather look up science news on the Internet to see which new discoveries we’ve made, than to look at all the misery in the world. The daily news is so one-sided.
  58. I don’t care about religion, color or sexual preferences. I judge people by their character.
  59. I am creating my own job. It’s super hard, but I am determined to be my own boss.
  60. I have written two plays. In one year! The second one even made it to the finals of The Play of Nijmegen!
  61. My English is pretty darn good. And I didn’t even study English.
  62. I am grateful for my sense of rhythm. It has resulted in me being a good singer, dancer and musician.
  63. I still send real letters and cards. Even with Facebook birthday greetings I at least take the time to search for a nice image to go with my message.
  64. I am capable of making damaged animals feel trusting again. I know, I mentioned it above already, but I thought this one deserves its own spot.
  65. I have been faithful in all my relationships. I cannot imagine ever cheating on my partner.
  66. I can make people laugh. Sometimes deliberately, by something I wrote for example. But even more often quite unintentionally, which is the best way to make people laugh.
  67. I am a perfectionist (not always a good thing, but I wouldn’t want it any other way).
  68. I have pretty handwriting. Which is nice, because I also have pen pals. And because I love making journals.
  69. I have fought many battles in my life and I’m still standing.
  70. I keep trying to improve myself. Even when I am experiencing fallbacks, I try to learn from them and not give up.
  71. I can draw cute things! It’s a very recent discovery, I used to think I couldn’t draw a stick to save my life. Well, apparently, I can.
  72. I am still discovering hidden talents of myself. Like the drawing.
  73. I always play a fair game (what’s the joy in winning when you have conquered your enemies by cheating?).
  74. I can completely lose track of time when I’m having fun. I will even forget to call home to say I’ll be away longer, oops! I seriously am surprised to look at the clock and see a few hours have passed already. Timeless fun!
  75. I’m skilled at putting wallpaper on walls. I even like it. It’s like crafting, but bigger!
  76. I learn new languages easily.
  77. I don’t gossip. It’s so unfair to others.
  78. I can see things from different perspectives, resulting in me being a good mediator in conflicts.
  79. I have a chronic illness, but I don’t let my illness become me. I try to look at the things I am able to do, instead of my disabilities.
  80. The positive impact I have on some peoples’ lives. I realize I am of great value to my close friends. That is priceless.
  81. The ability to self-reflect. I am not afraid of admitting my mistakes and try better next time.
  82. There’s always music in my head (not always the best songs, but at least is not quiet up there).
  83. I create tiny moments of happiness for myself. For example by buying flowers for myself, or lighting candles when I’m the only one in the room.
  84. I’m skilled at painting furniture shabby-chic style.
  85. I have soft, silky hair.
  86. I put an effort into gifts for people. I sometimes make handmade gifts and I like assembling care packages for people. I try to pay attention when people tell me what they’d like someday, so I’ll always have some thoughtful gift ideas.
  87. I talk normally to children or people with mental disabilities. I have normal conversations with them, because they’re people like everyone else. There’s really no need to talk to them as if they are stupid, they understand so much more of what you say than you might think. And they really feel it if you treat them differently from others.
  88. I know my own boundaries. It has not been easy discovering them, but it makes life a lot easier, knowing what they are. If you know your boundaries, you can make sure you won’t cross them.
  89. I have learned how to do stuff despite my chronic fatigue. I can do so much more than a year ago!
  90. I built the whole terrace in the backyard myself. Girl power!
  91. I am comfortable with standing in the spotlights. Singing, dancing or acting, bring it on!
  92. I am able to be proud of myself. So many people are afraid of liking stuff they’ve made or things they do, while they’re actually good at it. Modesty is an overrated quality I think. It’s worth so much to be able to be proud of yourself and the things you’ve accomplished!
  93. I look younger than I really am. I mean… I do, right?
  94. I am a quick learner. This is a very much appreciated skill, as I like to discover so many things.
  95. I take good care of my stuff. My video games go back into their cases, the boxes of my board games are still intact, my books don’t have folded ears.
  96. I’m a girly girl. I love pink, butterflies, hearts, owls, cuteness, dresses. And I love that I love that!
  97. I’m ambitious. I’ve started my own company, I want to write for a living, I am doing 101 goals in 1001 days, I am in a journey of losing 30 kg. I’m not just saying I want to do stuff, I actually do them.
  98. I rock in selfies. I have a lot of issues with my body, I am overweighted and I hate to see myself from certain angles. But somehow I manage to take selfies that highlight the things I actually do like about my looks. I can look at them and say: ‘Hey, I look pretty darn good in this picture!’
  99. I am sentimental. I still have Rikku’s baby teeth, I kept all my old game consoles, when a pen pal writes I even save the envelopes when they’re embellished. I have lots of stuff and it’s hard for me to part with them. Not because I’m so materialistic, but because every object means something to me. It brings back memories, it has a story. Stories and memories I really cherish.
  100. I am complicated. Sometimes I think about how much more easy life would be if I wasn’t. But then I realize life wouldn’t be half as satisfying. I like that I ponder about things, that I wonder how things could be, that I am not easily satisfied and that I am emotional.
  101. I just came up with 101 things I like about myself. And that’s something!

With this list, I completed one of my goals:

No. 38: Write down 101 things I like about myself.

But as you may have noticed, that’s not the only goal I’ve been working on by creating this list. I also made a new Wreck this Journal page out of it! I thought this outburst of positivity would fit perfectly to the page of good thoughts.

101 Things (6a)This just might be the most personal goal on my entire list of 101 goals. A goal I’ve procrastinated for a long time, but I am so glad I took the time to finish it!

Have I inspired you to make your own list? You really should! It doesn’t have to be 101 things. Even a few ounces of positivity may change your world. Feel free to share yours in the comment, or write one on your own blog. I’d love to read about your likes about you!

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